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Must meaning in Urdu

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1 of 2) Must : لازمی, ضروری : (noun) a necessary or essential thing.

Ali must be out there.
He must have known.+ More

2 of 2) Must, Moldiness, Mustiness : بو سیدگی, باسی پن, بوسیدگی : (noun) the quality of smelling or tasting old or stale or mouldy.

Must in Idioms

All Good Things Must End : Almost all experiences eventually end.

I Really Must Go : I really have to depart.

Useful Words

Protein : لحمیہ , Indispensable : لازمی , Necessarily : ضروری طور پر , Necessary : ضروری , Elemental : بنیادی , Grass Roots : جڑ , Cardinal : اہم , Brief : خاص معلومات دینا , Quality : معیار , Imperative : لازمی , Necessity : ضرورت , Built-In : پیدائشی , Atar : عطر , Actual : اصل , Lifeblood : زندہ رہنے کے لیے ضروری چیز , Adjunct : متعلقات , Nature : کارخانہ قدرت , Eucalyptus Oil : یوکلپٹس درخت کا تیل , Clove Oil : لونگ کا تیل , Folacin : فولک ایسڈ , Abbreviate : خلاصہ کرنا , Characterisation : کردار نگاری , Center : روح , Adermin : وٹامن بی 6 , Entire : سالم , Adscititious : رسمی , Analyse : تجزیہ کرنا , Aromatherapy : تیل کی مالش , Vitamin : حیاتین , Administrivia : ذیلی امور , Niacin : حیاتی کیمیا نیا سین؛ تمباکو کا زہر

Useful Words Definitions

Protein: any of a large group of nitrogenous organic compounds that are essential constituents of living cells; consist of polymers of amino acids; essential in the diet of animals for growth and for repair of tissues; can be obtained from meat and eggs and milk and legumes.

Indispensable: not to be dispensed with; essential.

Necessarily: in an essential manner.

Necessary: absolutely essential.

Elemental: of or being the essential or basic part.

Grass Roots: the essential foundation or source.

Cardinal: serving as an essential component.

Brief: give essential information to someone.

Quality: an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone.

Imperative: some duty that is essential and urgent.

Necessity: the condition of being essential or indispensable.

Built-In: existing as an essential constituent or characteristic.

Atar: essential oil or perfume obtained from flowers.

Actual: being or reflecting the essential or genuine character of something.

Lifeblood: an essential or life-giving force.

Adjunct: something added to another thing but not an essential part of it.

Nature: the essential qualities or characteristics by which something is recognized.

Eucalyptus Oil: an essential oil obtained from the leaves of eucalypts.

Clove Oil: essential oil obtained from cloves and used to flavor medicines.

Folacin: a B vitamin that is essential for cell growth and reproduction.

Abbreviate: reduce in scope while retaining essential elements.

Characterisation: the act of describing distinctive characteristics or essential features.

Center: the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience.

Adermin: a B vitamin that is essential for metabolism of amino acids and starch.

Entire: constituting the undiminished entirety; lacking nothing essential especially not damaged.

Adscititious: supplemental; not part of the real or essential nature of a thing.

Analyse: consider in detail and subject to an analysis in order to discover essential features or meaning.

Aromatherapy: the therapeutic use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils in baths or massage.

Vitamin: any of a group of organic substances essential in small quantities to normal metabolism.

Administrivia: the tiresome but essential details that must be taken care of and tasks that must be performed in running an organization.

Niacin: a B vitamin essential for the normal function of the nervous system and the gastrointestinal tract.

Related Words

Essential : ضرورت

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