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مستقل : Mustaqil Meaning in English

Mustaqil in Sentence

Wo mustaqil mizaj insaan hai.

Mustaqil Synonyms

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Mustaqil in Detail

1. Constant, Constant Quantity, Invariable : مستقل Mustaqil : (noun) a quantity that does not vary.

Related : Quantity : the concept that something has a magnitude and can be represented in mathematical expressions by a constant or a variable.

2. Persistent, Relentless, Unrelenting : مستقل Mustaqil : never-ceasing.

Related : Continual : occurring without interruption; chiefly restricted to what recurs regularly or frequently in a prolonged and closely spaced series.

3. Continuing : مستقل Mustaqil : remaining in force or being carried on without letup.

Related : Continued : without stop or interruption.

4. Assiduous, Sedulous : مستقل Mustaqil, ثابت قدم Sabit Qadam : marked by care and persistent effort.

Related : Diligent : characterized by care and perseverance in carrying out tasks.

5. Changeless, Constant, Invariant, Unvarying : مستقل Mustaqil, ثابت Sabit, غیر متغیر Ghair Mutghir : unvarying in nature.

Related : Invariable : not liable to or capable of change.

6. Continuously : مستقل Mustaqil : (adverb) at every point.

7. Consistent, Uniform : ثابت Sabit, مستقل Mustaqil, یکساں Yaksan : the same throughout in structure or composition.

Related : Homogenous : all of the same or similar kind or nature.

Useful Words

Miqdar, Munasib Miqdar, Tadad, Degre, Pesh Aana, Sajana : Do : arrange attractively. "Let me get dressed"

Banana Sanwarna, Badal Dena, Desine Karna : Do : create or design, often in a certain way. "Do my room in blue"

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