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متبادل دوا : Mutabadil Dawa Meaning in English

Mutabadil Dawa in Detail

1) متبادل دوا : Complementary Medicine : (noun) the practice of medicine that combines traditional medicine with alternative medicine.

Useful Words

طب ہوائی : Aeromedicine, Aerospace Medicine, Aviation Medicine : the study and treatment of disorders associated with flight (especially with space flight).

علاج دوا میں جامعہ کی طرف سے دی جانے والی سند : Bachelor Of Medicine, Mb : (a British degree) a bachelor`s degree in medicine.

جڑی بوٹیوں کا علاج : Botanical Medicine, Herbal Therapy, Phytotherapy : the use of plants or plant extracts for medicinal purposes (especially plants that are not part of the normal diet). "I prefer herbal therapy for cold".

تکمیلی رنگ : Complementary, Complementary Color : either one of two chromatic colors that when mixed together give white (in the case of lights) or grey (in the case of pigments). "Yellow and blue are complementaries".

تکمیلی زاویئے : Complementary Angles : two angles whose sum is a right angle.

لفظوں کی منفرد تقسیم : Complementary Distribution, Complementation : (linguistics) a distribution of related speech sounds or forms in such a way that they only appear in different contexts.

تکمیلی ڈی این اے : Cdna, Complementary Dna : single-stranded DNA that is complementary to messenger RNA or DNA that has been synthesized from messenger RNA by reverse transcriptase.

طب الاسنان : Dental Medicine, Dentistry, Odontology : the branch of medicine dealing with the anatomy and development and diseases of the teeth.

دانتوں کے ڈاکٹر کی سند : Dmd, Doctor Of Dental Medicine : a doctor`s degree in dental medicine.

جڑی بوٹیوں کی ادویات : Herbal Medicine : a medicine made from plants and used to prevent or treat disease or promote health. "My grandfather always used herbal medicine".

مجموعی علاج : Holistic Medicine : medical care of the whole person considered as subject to personal and social as well as organic factors. "Holistic medicine treats the mind as well as the body".

دوا : Medicament, Medication, Medicinal Drug, Medicine : (medicine) something that treats or prevents or alleviates the symptoms of disease. "Where can I buy medicine?".

طبی ورزشی کرنے والی گیند : Medicine Ball : heavy ball used in physical training. "He has a medicine ball".

دوائی رکھنے کی الماری : Medicine Cabinet, Medicine Chest : cabinet that holds medicines and toiletries.

وہ دوا جو بغیر نسخے کے تیار ہوتی ہے : Patent Medicine : medicine that is protected by a patent and available without a doctor's prescription.

میڈیکل سائنس کی وہ شاخ جو صرف بچوں کے امراض کے متعلق ہو : Paediatrics, Pediatric Medicine, Pediatrics, Pedology : the branch of medicine concerned with the treatment of infants and children. "Pediatric medicine study".

علم الادویات : Materia Medica, Pharmacological Medicine, Pharmacology : the science or study of drugs: their preparation and properties and uses and effects.

نسخہ : Ethical Drug, Prescription, Prescription Drug, Prescription Medicine : a drug that is available only with written instructions from a doctor or dentist to a pharmacist. "He told the doctor that he had been taking his prescription regularly".

طب نفسیات : Psychiatry, Psychological Medicine, Psychopathology : the branch of medicine dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders.

خلائی طب : Space Medicine : the branch of medicine concerned with the effects of space flight on human beings.

ابن سینا : Abu Ali Al-Husain Ibn Abdallah Ibn Sina, Avicenna, Ibn-Sina : Arabian physician and influential Islamic philosopher; his interpretation of Aristotle influenced St. Thomas Aquinas; writings on medicine were important for almost 500 years (980-1037).

زخم کی سرجری سے متعلق علم : Accident Surgery, Traumatology : the branch of medicine that deals with the surgical repair of injuries and wounds arising from accidents.

شعاعی علاج : Actinotherapy, Irradiation, Radiation, Radiation Therapy, Radiotherapy : (medicine) the treatment of disease (especially cancer) by exposure to a radioactive substance.

ملائی جانے والی شئے : Additive : something added to enhance food or gasoline or paint or medicine.

درد اور سوزش کم کرنے کی دوا : Advil, Ibuprofen, Isobutylphenyl Propionic Acid, Motrin, Nuprin : a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory and analgesic medicine (trade names Advil and Motrin and Nuprin) used to relieve the pain of arthritis and as an antipyretic. "Ibuprofen used for pain".

طبی ہوا بازی سے متعلق : Aeromedical : of or relating to aviation medicine.

یونانی طرز فکر کے مطابق طب کا دیوتا : Aesculapius, Asclepius, Asklepios : son of Apollo; a hero and the Roman god of medicine and healing; his daughters were Hygeia and Panacea.

دوا بنانے والا پھول دار پودا : Agueweed, Boneset, Eupatorium Perfoliatum, Thoroughwort : perennial herb of southeastern United States having white-rayed flower heads; formerly used as in folk medicine.

ہمونا جڑی بوٹی : American Pennyroyal, Hedeoma Pulegioides, Pennyroyal : erect hairy branching American herb having purple-blue flowers; yields an essential oil used as an insect repellent and sometimes in folk medicine.

درد دور کرنے والی دوا : Analgesic, Anodyne, Pain Pill, Painkiller : a medicine used to relieve pain. "Analgesic pills".

خون کے گاڑھا ہونے کو روکنے والی دوا : Anticoagulant, Anticoagulant Medication, Decoagulant : medicine that prevents or retards the clotting of blood. "Anticoagulant drugs".

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