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Muthamal : متحمل

1. Tolerant : متحمل - برداشت کرنے والا : (adjective) showing respect for the rights or opinions or practices of others.

Dain Janib : Right : a turn toward the side of the body that is on the south when the person is facing east. "Take a right at the corner"

Aadat : Practice : a customary way of operation or behavior. "It is their practice to give annual raises"

Dekhana, Zahir Karna, Numayish Karna, Numaish Karna : Showing : something shown to the public. "The museum had many exhibits of oriental art"

Mashq : Practice : the exercise of a profession. "The practice of the law"

Dohrana : Practice : systematic training by multiple repetitions. "Practice makes perfect"

Waldain Ki Farm... : Respect : behavior intended to please your parents. "Their children were never very strong on obedience"