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موضوع : Muzo Meaning in English

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1 of 4) موضوع : Subject Theme Topic : (noun) the subject matter of a conversation or discussion.

Related : Keynote : the principal theme in a speech or literary work.


2 of 4) موضوع : Spectrum : (noun) a broad range of related objects or values or qualities or ideas or activities.

Related : Scope : an area in which something acts or operates or has power or control:.

3 of 4) موضوع : Issue Matter Subject Topic : (noun) some situation or event that is thought about.

4 of 4) موضوع : Point : (noun) the object of an activity.

Related : Target : the goal intended to be attained (and which is believed to be attainable).

Useful Words

تلخیصی جملہ : Topic Sentence : a sentence that states the topic of its paragraph.

بہر حال : Apropos, By The Bye, By The Way, Incidentally : introducing a different topic; in point of fact. "Incidentally, I won`t go to the party".

سیاست یا کسی اور موضوع پر مبنی ٹی وی پروگرام : Chat Show, Talk Show : a program during which well-known people discuss a topic or answer questions telephoned in by the audience. "In England they call a talk show a chat show".

مکالماتی نشست : Colloquium : an academic meeting or seminar usually led by a different lecturer and on a different topic at each meeting.

مشاورت : Conference, Group Discussion : a discussion among participants who have an agreed (serious) topic.

گفتگو : Discourse, Discussion, Treatment : an extended communication (often interactive) dealing with some particular topic. "Whatever I had to say I have said, now I don`t want any discussion on this".

بحث : Discussion, Give-And-Take, Word : an exchange of views on some topic. "We had a good discussion".

تبلیغی خطبہ : Homily, Preachment : a sermon on a moral or religious topic. "A great homily will create the great sentiment within us".

پھلانگنا : Jump, Leap : pass abruptly from one state or topic to another. "Leap into fame".

عالمانہ مضمون : Memoir : an essay on a scientific or scholarly topic.

دوبارہ نظر ثانی کرنا : Reconsideration : a consideration of a topic (as in a meeting) with a view to changing an earlier decision.

موضوعی : Thematic : relating to or constituting a topic of discourse.

ناقابل ذکر : Unmentionable : unsuitable or forbidden as a topic of conversation. "Unmentionable words".

کسی چیز کے بارے میں لکھنا : Write About, Write Of, Write On : write about a particular topic. "Snow wrote about China".

نکتے سے دور : Afield : off the subject; beyond the point at issue. "Such digressions can lead us too far afield".

غیر متعلقہ : Irrelevant : having no bearing on or connection with the subject at issue. "An irrelevant comment".

متعلقہ : Relevant : having a bearing on or connection with the subject at issue. "The scientist corresponds with colleagues in order to learn about matters relevant to her own research".

کوئی پہلو : Talking Point : an especially persuasive point helping to support an argument or discussion.

حسیت پسندی : Sensationalism : subject matter that is calculated to excite and please vulgar tastes.

بات چیت : Talk : discussion; (`talk about' is a less formal alternative for `discussion of'). "His poetry contains much talk about love and anger".

سر سے متعلق : Tonal : having tonality; i.e. tones and chords organized in relation to one tone such as a keynote or tonic.

گفتگو کرنا : Converse, Discourse : carry on a conversation.

کسی کی گفتگو میں داخل ہونا : Barge In, Break In, Butt In, Chime In, Chisel In, Cut In, Put In : break into a conversation. "Her husband always chimes in, even when he is not involved in the conversation".

گپ شپ : Chat, Confab, Confabulation, Schmoose, Schmooze : an informal conversation. "Their chat continued for many months".

دو افراد کے درمیان گفتگو : Dialog, Dialogue, Duologue : a conversation between two persons or more. "Dialogue between two students in class".

رسمی گفتگو : Colloquy : a conversation especially a formal one.

باتیں کرنے کا ماہر : Conversationalist, Conversationist, Schmoozer : someone skilled at conversation.

غیر اہم گفتگو : Nothings : inconsequential conversation. "They traded a few nothings as they parted".

بات چیت کرنا : Rap : voluble conversation.

باتونی : Chatty, Gabby, Garrulous, Loquacious, Talkative, Talky : full of trivial conversation. "Loquacious kid".

کوئی چال چلنا : Gambit, Ploy, Stratagem : a maneuver in a game or conversation.

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