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نامُناسَب : Na Munasib Meaning in English

Na Munasib in Sentences

Adverse circumstances.
Was buried with indecent haste.

Na Munasib Synonyms


Na Munasib in Detail

1 of 17) نامناسب الفاظ کا بے تکا استعمال : Malaprop Malapropism : (noun) the unintentional misuse of a word by confusion with one that sounds similar.

3 of 17) قابل گرفت نامناسب برا : Blamable Blameable Blameful Blameworthy Censurable Culpable : (satellite adjective) deserving blame or censure as being wrong or evil or injurious.

4 of 17) نازیبا نامعقول نامناسب : Indecent Indecorous Unbecoming Uncomely Unseemly Untoward : (satellite adjective) not in keeping with accepted standards of what is right or proper in polite society.

5 of 17) نامناسب بے سوچے سمجھے بلا مشورہ : Ill-Advised Unadvised : (adjective) without careful prior deliberation or counsel.

6 of 17) نا مناسب غیر معمولی دور : Out-Of-The-Way : (satellite adjective) out of the ordinary.

7 of 17) نامناسب بے جوڑ : Ill-Sorted Incompatible Mismated Unsuited : (satellite adjective) not easy to combine harmoniously.

8 of 17) نامناسب : Below The Belt : (satellite adjective) disregarding the rules (from the notion of an illegal low blow in boxing).

9 of 17) بے موقع نامناسب : Inopportunely Malapropos : (adverb) at an inconvenient time.

10 of 17) نامناسب غیر موزوں : Inappropriate : (adjective) not suitable for a particular occasion etc.

11 of 17) نا مناسب خرابی : Amiss Awry Haywire Wrong : (satellite adjective) not functioning properly.

12 of 17) غیر مناسب نازیبا نامناسب : Inappropriate Incompatible Out Or Keeping Unfitting : (satellite adjective) not in keeping with what is correct or proper.

13 of 17) نامناسب : Impolitic : (adjective) not politic.

14 of 17) نامناسب غیر واجب : Inadvisable Unadvisable : (adjective) not prudent or wise; not recommended.

15 of 17) نامناسب : Improper : (adjective) not suitable or right or appropriate.

16 of 17) نامناسب ناموزوں : Unsuitable : (satellite adjective) not meant or adapted for a particular purpose.

17 of 17) نامناسب نازیبا : Unbefitting : (satellite adjective) not befitting.

Useful Words

جبری وصولی : Extortion , غلطی سے پاک کرنا : Foolproof , غلط قدم : Misstep , بلا ارادہ : Accidentally , قافیہ : Rhyme , بد نظمی : Mess , سرگوشی : Buzz , پریشان کن : Confusing , ابہام : Daze , کسی چیز کو بے ترتیب کر دینا : Derange , اضطراب : Bafflement , گڑ بڑ : Bedlam , ہنگامہ : Garboil , بے ترتیب : Discombobulated , الجھن : Perplexity , خوف زدہ ہونا : Consternate , ذہنی خلفشار : Delirium , مبہم : Confusing , پوفائرن میٹابولزم میں پیدائشی غلطی جس سے عصبی اور عضلاتی نسیج میں تبدیلیاں ہوتی ہیں : Porphyria , دماغی بیماری : Acute Brain Disorder , روشنی ڈالنا : Clear , صاف آواز سے متعلق : Orotund , بھونکنا : Bark , صوتی آوازیں نکالنا : Phonate , ٹرٹر : Croaky , بری لگنے والی آواز : Discord , آواز سے متعلق : Phonetic , سانس کی ذریعے کہنا : Aspirate , گرجنے والا : Growler , بچے کی غوں غوں : Babble , گہوڑے کا ہنہنانا : Neigh

Useful Words Definitions

Extortion: unjust (as by the misuse of authority).

Foolproof: proof against human misuse or error.

Misstep: an unintentional but embarrassing blunder.

Accidentally: without intention; in an unintentional manner.

Rhyme: correspondence in the sounds of two or more lines (especially final sounds).

Mess: a state of confusion and disorderliness.

Buzz: a confusion of activity and gossip.

Confusing: causing confusion or disorientation.

Daze: confusion characterized by lack of clarity.

Derange: throw into great confusion or disorder.

Bafflement: confusion resulting from failure to understand.

Bedlam: a state of extreme confusion and disorder.

Garboil: a state of commotion and noise and confusion.

Discombobulated: having self-possession upset; thrown into confusion.

Perplexity: trouble or confusion resulting from complexity.

Consternate: fill with anxiety, dread, dismay, or confusion.

Delirium: a usually brief state of excitement and mental confusion often accompanied by hallucinations.

Confusing: lacking clarity of meaning; causing confusion or perplexity.

Porphyria: a genetic abnormality of metabolism causing abdominal pains and mental confusion.

Acute Brain Disorder: any disorder (as sudden confusion or disorientation) in an otherwise normal person that is due to reversible (temporary) impairment of brain tissues (as by head injuries or drugs or infection).

Clear: make free from confusion or ambiguity; make clear.

Orotund: (of sounds) full and rich.

Bark: make barking sounds.

Phonate: utter speech sounds.

Croaky: like the sounds of frogs and crows.

Discord: a harsh mixture of sounds.

Phonetic: of or relating to speech sounds.

Aspirate: pronounce with aspiration; of stop sounds.

Growler: a speaker whose voice sounds like a growl.

Babble: gibberish resembling the sounds of a baby.

Neigh: the characteristic sounds made by a horse.

Related Words

مکے بازی : Boxing , موزونیت : Appropriateness , مناسب طرز عمل : Correctitude , جھوٹا بیان : Misstatement , بدلنا : Alter , غیر معمولی : Unusual , غیر مطابق : Incongruous , نامعقول : Indecorous , بے انصاف : Unfair , مجرم : Guilty , بےپروا : Imprudent , بے وقوف : Foolish

Close Words

نفع اور نقصان : P&l , نمک اور مرچ : S&p , نماز : Namaz , نظر میں رکھو : Kiv , غم : Sorrow , ناک : Nose , ناک کا میل : Snot , ناک کے ذریعہ اندر کھینچنا : Snuff , تنگ : Plague , وقف کرنا : Commit , نام رکھنا : Call

Close Words Definitions

P&l: Profit And Loss.

S&p: Salt and Pepper.

Namaz: another name of salah in India and Pakistan.

Kiv: Keep In View.

Sorrow: an emotion of great sadness associated with loss or bereavement.

Nose: the organ of smell and entrance to the respiratory tract; the prominent part of the face of man or other mammals.

Snot: nasal mucus.

Snuff: inhale audibly through the nose.

Plague: an annoyance.

Commit: give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause.

Call: assign a specified (usually proper) proper name to.

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