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نہانا : Nahana Meaning in English

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1 of 2) نہانا غسل کرنا : Bath Bathe : (verb) clean one`s body by immersion into water.

Related : Cleanse : clean one's body or parts thereof, as by washing.

2 of 2) نہانا : Shower : (verb) take a shower; wash one's body in the shower.

Related : Bathe : cleanse the entire body.

Useful Words

غسل : Bath : you soak and wash your body in a bathtub. "He has a good bath every morning".

نہانے کے بعد جسم پر لگانے والا پوڈر : Bath Powder, Dusting Powder, Toilet Powder : a fine powder for spreading on the body (as after bathing).

سنگھار صابن : Bath Soap, Face Soap, Toilet Soap : soap used as a toiletry.

نہانے کا ٹب : Hip Bath, Sitz Bath : a bathtub in which your buttocks and hips are immersed as if you were sitting in a chair and you bathe in a sitting position.

غسل : Shower, Shower Bath : washing yourself by standing upright under water sprayed from a nozzle. "He took a shower after the game".

سوئمنگ پول : Natatorium, Swimming Bath, Swimming Pool : pool that provides a facility for swimming. "`swimming bath' is a British term".

بھاپ والا ترکی حمام : Turkish Bath : a steam room where facilities are available for a bath followed by a shower and massage.

غسل کرنے والا : Bather : a person who takes a bath.

صافی : Face Cloth, Flannel, Washcloth, Washrag : bath linen consisting of a piece of cloth used to wash the face and body. "Hand me washrag please".

ہوٹل کا کمرہ : Hotel Room : a bedroom (usually with bath) in a hotel. "They spend a night in a hotel room".

بھاپ غسل خانہ : Sauna, Sweat Room : a Finnish steam bath; steam is produced by pouring water over heated rocks. "He loves sauna".

ترکی تولیہ : Terry Towel, Turkish Towel : a bath towel with rough loose pile.

صاف کرنا : Clean, Cleanse : clean one's body or parts thereof, as by washing. "Clean up before you see your grandparents".

کھنگالنا : Rinse, Rinsing : the removal of soap with clean water in the final stage of washing. "Rinse these plates".

صفائی : Cleaning, Cleansing, Cleanup : the act of making something clean. "Get into the habit of cleaning".

پروں کو صاف کرنا : Plume, Preen : clean with one's bill. "The birds preened".

صفائی پسند : Cleanly : habitually clean. "Cleanly in their persons and habitations".

جھاڑو دینا : Sweep : clean by sweeping. "Please sweep the floor".

شفاف : Antiseptic : clean and honest. "Antiseptic financial practices".

صاف ستھرا : Neat, Orderly : clean or organized. "Her neat dress".

برش سے صاف کرنا : Brush : clean with a brush. "She brushed the suit before hanging it back into the closet".

صاف کرنا : Scavenge : clean refuse from. "Scavenge a street".

صفائی پسندی : Cleanliness : diligence in keeping clean. "Cleanliness is the half of faith".

مانجھ کے صاف کرنا : Scour, Scrub : clean with hard rubbing. "She scrubbed his back".

صاف ستھری : Immaculate, Speckless, Spic, Spic-And-Span, Spick, Spick-And-Span, Spotless : completely neat and clean. "My car is immaculate".

صاف ستھرا کر نا : Clean, Clean House, Houseclean : clean and tidy up the house. "She housecleans every week".

صاف شدہ : Scrubbed : made clean by scrubbing. "Fresh-scrubbed floors".

صاف کرنا : Rinse, Wash : clean with some chemical process.

نیا جیسا : Pristine : immaculately clean and unused. "Handed her his pristine white handkerchief".

بے داغی : Immaculateness, Spotlessness : the state of being spotlessly clean.

کیمیائی مادہ سے صاف کرنا : Dry Clean : clean with chemical agents.

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