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نخرے : Nakhray Meaning in English

Nakhray in Detail

1) نخرے : Largeness Pretension Pretentiousness : (noun) the quality of being pretentious (behaving or speaking in such a manner as to create a false appearance of great importance or worth).

Useful Words

دعوی : Pretension : the advancing of a claim. "His pretension to the crown".

نمائش سے پاک : Unpretentious : lacking pretension or affectation. "An unpretentious country church".

عمدہ : Rich : of great worth or quality. "A rich collection of antiques".

بے نقاب کرنا : Debunk, Expose : expose while ridiculing; especially of pretentious or false claims and ideas. "Debunk her real face".

غیر طبعی : Affected, Unnatural : speaking or behaving in an artificial way to make an impression.

معمولی اور غیر اہم : Inconsequent, Inconsequential : lacking worth or importance. "His work seems trivial and inconsequential".

خود پسندانہ : Conceited, Egotistic, Egotistical, Self-Conceited, Swollen, Swollen-Headed, Vain : characteristic of false pride; having an exaggerated sense of self-importance. "A conceited fool".

ڈھونگ : Feigning, Pretence, Pretending, Pretense, Simulation : the act of giving a false appearance. "This is a pretense".

چھپانا : Cloak, Dissemble, Mask : hide under a false appearance. "He masked his disappointment".

نمائش کے انداز میں : Pretentiously : in a pretentious manner. "This author writes pretentiously".

فریب : Meretriciousness, Speciousness : an appearance of truth that is false or deceptive; seeming plausibility. "The speciousness of his argument".

منافقانہ : Dissimulative : concealing under a false appearance with the intent to deceive. "Dissimulative arts".

مکاری : Artful, Disingenuous : not straightforward or candid; giving a false appearance of frankness. "An ambitious, disingenuous, philistine, and hypocritical operator, whoexemplifiedthe most disagreeable traits of his time".

فحاشی : Bawdiness, Lewdness, Obscenity, Salaciousness, Salacity : the trait of behaving in an obscene manner. "Satan encourages obscenity while Allah promise you forgiveness".

نمودبا : Pretentious : making claim to or creating an appearance of (often undeserved) importance or distinction. "A pretentious country house".

اہمیت دینا : Celebrate, Lionise, Lionize : assign great social importance to. "The film director was celebrated all over Hollywood".

قدرپیمائی کرنے والا : Evaluator, Judge : an authority who is able to estimate worth or quality.

تخمینہ لگانے والا : Appraiser, Valuator : someone who estimates officially the worth or value or quality of things. "That guy is a valuator he valuated my business".

دکھاوا : Affectedness : the quality of being false or artificial (as to impress others).

اختصار : Conciseness, Concision, Pithiness, Succinctness : terseness and economy in writing and speaking achieved by expressing a great deal in just a few words.

ناجائز طور پر : Spuriously : in a false and spurious manner. "The lawyer argued spuriously that his client knew nothing of the burglary".

احتمال : Verisimilitude : the appearance of truth; the quality of seeming to be true.

نفاست : Daintiness, Delicacy, Fineness : the quality of being beautiful and delicate in appearance. "The fineness of her features".

بات کرنے کا سلیقہ : Address : the manner of speaking to another individual. "He failed in his manner of address to the captain".

تلخ انداز گفتگو : Sharp Tongue : a bitter or critical manner of speaking.

ملائم لہجے والا : Soft-Spoken : having a speaking manner that is not loud or harsh. "She was always soft-spoken".

توہین آمیز طریقے سے : Calumniously, Slanderously : in a false and slanderous and defamatory manner; with slander or calumny.

عورتوں کی صفات پیدا کرنا : Effeminise, Effeminize, Feminise, Feminize, Womanize : to give a (more) feminine, effeminate, or womanly quality or appearance to. "This hairdo feminizes the man".

بولنے کا فن : Elocution : an expert manner of speaking involving control of voice and gesture.

اہمیت : Meaningfulness : the quality of having great value or significance.

پرتکلف : Courtly, Formal, Stately : refined or imposing in manner or appearance. "Don`t be formal".

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