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Napasandidgi : ناپَسَندیدگی

1. Undesirability : ناپسندیدگی : (noun) the quality possessed by something that should be avoided.

2. Condemnation, Disapprobation : ناپسندیدگی - مذمت - نامنظوری : (noun) an expression of strong disapproval; pronouncing as wrong or morally culpable.

3. Disfavor, Disfavour : ناپسندیدگی - مخالفت : (noun) the state of being out of favor.

5. Unpleasantness : ناپسندیدگی - ناخوشگواری : (noun) the quality of giving displeasure.

Cheray Ka Tasur, Tasur : Expression : the feelings expressed on a person`s face. "A sad expression"

Aala Mayaar, Mayaar : Quality : an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone. "The quality of mercy is not strained"

Mayaar, Darja : Quality : a degree or grade of excellence or worth. "The quality of students has risen"

Ghalti : Wrong : that which is contrary to the principles of justice or law. "He feels that you are in the wrong"

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