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Narrow-Mindedly meaning in Urdu

Narrow-Mindedly Sentence

Narrow mindedly, the authorities closed down the cafe where teenagers used to hang out.

Narrow-Mindedly Synonym

Narrow-Mindedly Definitions

1) Narrow-Mindedly, Small-Mindedly : تنگ نظری سے : (adverb) in a narrow-minded manner.


Useful Words

Illiberally : تنگ نظری سے , Illiberal : تنگ دل , Hidebound : روایت پسند , Hogback : پہاڑ کی لمبی چوٹی , Denominationalism : فرقہ پرستی , Narrowly : بمشکل , Balloon : غبارہ , Cove : غار , Thrip : نبات چوس کیڑا , Parietaria Difussa : عاقر قرحہ , Butterfly Fish : رنگین مچھلی , Strait : پتلی سی , Achillea Millefolium : ایک قسم کا پودا , Lane : گلی , Flask : صراحی , Slit : چاک , String Tie : کم چوڑی بو ٹائی , Narrowness : تنگی , Coarctation : سکڑاوٴ , Cleft : شگاف , Defile : پہاڑوں کے درمیان جگہ , Rift : دراڑ , Strip : کوئی پتلی لمبی پٹی یا حصہ , Contract : تنگ ہونا , Petty : تنگ نظر , Alley : پتلی گلی , Catwalk : تنگ سڑک , Ditch : خندق , Jug : جگ , Chink : دراڑ , Glen : تنگ گھاٹی

Useful Words Definitions

Illiberally: in a narrow-minded manner.

Illiberal: narrow-minded about cherished opinions.

Hidebound: stubbornly conservative and narrow-minded.

Hogback: a long narrow ridge of hills with a narrow crest and steep slopes.

Denominationalism: a narrow-minded adherence to a particular sect or party or denomination.

Narrowly: in a narrow manner; not allowing for exceptions.

Balloon: small thin inflatable rubber bag with narrow neck.

Cove: small or narrow cave in the side of a cliff or mountain.

Thrip: any of various small to minute sucking insects with narrow feathery wings if any; they feed on plant sap and many are destructive.

Parietaria Difussa: herb that grows in crevices having long narrow leaves and small pink apetalous flowers.

Butterfly Fish: small usually brilliantly colored tropical marine fishes having narrow deep bodies with large broad fins; found worldwide.

Strait: narrow.

Achillea Millefolium: ubiquitous strong-scented mat-forming Eurasian herb of wasteland, hedgerow or pasture having narrow serrate leaves and small usually white florets; widely naturalized in North America.

Lane: a narrow way or road.

Flask: bottle that has a narrow neck.

Slit: a long narrow opening.

String Tie: a very narrow necktie usually tied in a bow.

Narrowness: the property of being narrow; having little width.

Coarctation: tight or narrow compression.

Cleft: a long narrow opening.

Defile: a narrow pass (especially one between mountains).

Rift: a narrow fissure in rock.

Strip: a relatively long narrow piece of something.

Contract: make or become more narrow or restricted.

Petty: contemptibly narrow in outlook.

Alley: a narrow street with walls on both sides.

Catwalk: narrow platform extending out into an auditorium.

Ditch: a long narrow excavation in the earth.

Jug: a large bottle with a narrow mouth.

Chink: a narrow opening as e.g. between planks in a wall.

Glen: a narrow secluded valley (in the mountains).

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