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نشہ آور دوا : Nasha Aawar Dawa Meaning in English

Nasha Aawar Dawa Synonyms


Nasha Aawar Dawa in Detail

1 of 2) نشہ آور دوا : Narcotic : (noun) a drug that produces numbness or stupor; often taken for pleasure or to reduce pain; extensive use can lead to addiction.

2 of 2) نشہ آور دوا : Cat Valium Green Honey Oil Jet K Special K Super Acid Super C : (noun) street names for ketamine.

Useful Words

کین : Can : airtight sealed metal container for food or drink or paint etc..

دوا : Drug : a substance that is used as a medicine or narcotic. "You shouldn`t take drug if you`re suffering from depression as it`s side effects are worse".

وسیع : Extended : large in spatial extent or range or scope or quantity. "An extensive Roman settlement in northwest England".

لے جانا : Conduct : take somebody somewhere. "His long sit-in led him to become prime minister".

نام رکھنا : Call : assign a specified (usually proper) proper name to. "What have you named him ?".

سرد مہری : Apathy : the trait of lacking enthusiasm for or interest in things generally.

اکثر : Frequently : many times at short intervals. "As often happens".

درد : Hurting : a symptom of some physical hurt or disorder. "I am having leg pain".

خوشی : Pleasance : a fundamental feeling that is hard to define but that people desire to experience. "He was tingling with pleasure".

زرعی پیداوار : Garden Truck : fresh fruits and vegetable grown for the market.

وزن کم کرنا : Lose Weight : take off weight. "No one buys gold due to high prices but goldsmiths have decided that the price of gold will be reduced to run business".

گلی : Street : a thoroughfare (usually including sidewalks) that is lined with buildings. "What`s going on down the street".

صدمہ : Daze : the feeling of distress and disbelief that you have when something bad happens accidentally. "His mother`s death left him in a daze".

استعمال کرنے کا عمل : Employment : the act of using. "He warned against the use of narcotic drugs".

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