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1. Need, Ask, Call For, Demand, Involve, Necessitate, Postulate, Require, Take : ضرورت ہونا : (Verb) Require as useful, just, or proper.

What was the need for this?
Let me know if you need anything.+ More

Claim, Exact, Take - take as an undesirable consequence of some event or state of affairs.

2. Need, Want : ضرورت : (Noun) Anything that is necessary but lacking.

He had sufficient means to meet his simple needs.
I tried to supply his wants.

Essential, Necessary, Necessity, Requirement, Requisite - anything indispensable.

3. Need, Require, Want : ضرورت ہونا : (Verb) Have need of.

This piano wants the attention of a competent tuner.

Be - have the quality of being; (copula, used with an adjective or a predicate noun).

4. Need, Motivation, Motive : مقصد : (Noun) The psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal; the reason for the action; that which gives purpose and direction to behavior.

We did not understand his motivation.
He acted with the best of motives.

Impulse, Urge - an instinctive motive.

5. Need, Indigence, Pauperism, Pauperization, Penury : غربت - افلاس : (Noun) A state of extreme poverty or destitution.

Their indigence appalled him.
A general state of need exists among the homeless.

Impoverishment, Poorness, Poverty - the state of having little or no money and few or no material possessions.

But, Just, Merely, Only, Simply - بس - and nothing more; "Just go outside".

Deficient, Lacking, Wanting - کم - inadequate in amount or degree; "a deficient education".

Essential, Necessary, Necessity, Requirement, Requisite - ضرورت - anything indispensable; "food and shelter are necessities of life".

Proper, Right - معقول - appropriate for a condition or purpose or occasion or a person's character, needs; "everything in its proper place".

Command, Require - حکم دینا - make someone do something.

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