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نیم خود کار : Neem Khud Kar Meaning in English

Neem Khud Kar in Detail

1) نیم خود کار : Semiautomatic : (satellite adjective) partially automatic.


Useful Words

خود کار فائر کرنے والے آلات : Semiautomatic , چھوٹی مشین گن : Carbine , مشین گن : Machine Gun , محرک : Actuator , خطرے کی گھنٹی : Alarm , خود کار بنا دینا : Automate , انعکاس : Inborn Reflex , نشانے پر لینا : Home In , آنکھ کے لینس کا آگے پیچھے ہونا : Accommodation , سکہ ڈالنے سے چلنے والا ریکارڈ پلیئر : Jukebox , نیم شفاف : Semiopaque , خود کار گرامو فون : Auto-Changer , جھوٹا کھانا : Half-Eaten , پگلی ہوئی برف : Slush , کھلتا پہول : Bud , چٹخانا : Crack , رونق : Dazzle , ناکافی ملبوس : Deshabille , ایک قسم کی چائے : Oolong , شہد والا کیک : Honey Cake , نیم مدہوش : Semiconscious , نیم سچ : Half-Truth , جاپانی پتہ : Aglaonema Modestum , آدھ پکے انگوروں کی شراب : Straw Wine , دلدلی کوئلہ : Peat , بحر : Sea , چھلکا : Aril , مشین کی طرح بنانا : Mechanise , نباتی کھاد : Humus , چمکدار روغن : Enamel , برف و باراں دار : Sleety

Useful Words Definitions

Semiautomatic: a pistol that is a semiautomatic firearm capable of loading and firing continuously.

Carbine: light automatic rifle.

Machine Gun: a rapidly firing automatic gun (often mounted).

Actuator: a mechanism that puts something into automatic action.

Alarm: an automatic signal (usually a sound) warning of danger.

Automate: make automatic or control or operate automatically.

Inborn Reflex: an automatic instinctive unlearned reaction to a stimulus.

Home In: direct onto a point or target, especially by automatic navigational aids.

Accommodation: (physiology) the automatic adjustment in focal length of the natural lens of the eye.

Jukebox: a cabinet containing an automatic record player; records are played by inserting a coin.

Semiopaque: partially opaque.

Auto-Changer: an automatic mechanical device on a record player that causes new records to be played without manual intervention.

Half-Eaten: partially consumed food.

Slush: partially melted snow.

Bud: a partially opened flower.

Crack: break partially but keep its integrity.

Dazzle: brightness enough to blind partially and temporarily.

Deshabille: the state of being carelessly or partially dressed.

Oolong: Chinese tea leaves that have been partially fermented before being dried.

Honey Cake: a spicy cake partially sweetened with honey.

Semiconscious: partially conscious; not completely aware of sensations.

Half-Truth: a partially true statement intended to deceive or mislead.

Aglaonema Modestum: erect or partially climbing herb having large green or variegated leaves.

Straw Wine: sweet wine from grapes partially sun-dried on the vine or on straw mats.

Peat: partially carbonized vegetable matter saturated with water; can be used as a fuel when dried.

Sea: a division of an ocean or a large body of salt water partially enclosed by land.

Aril: fleshy and usually brightly colored cover of some seeds that develops from the ovule stalk and partially or entirely envelopes the seed.

Mechanise: make monotonous; make automatic or routine.

Humus: partially decomposed organic matter; the organic component of soil.

Enamel: a colored glassy compound (opaque or partially opaque) that is fused to the surface of metal or glass or pottery for decoration or protection.

Sleety: consisting of or of the nature of frozen or partially frozen rain.

Related Words

خود کار : Automatic

Close Words

نیم پاگل : Crackpot , نیم بارانی : Semiarid , نیم کا درخت : Arishth , نیم بے ہوشی میں : Subconscious , نیم گرمی : Lukewarmness , نیم پاگل : Kook , نیم صحرا : Semidesert , نیم رقیق : Semiliquid , نیم خواندہ : Semiliterate , نیم مدور : Semicircular , نیم صدی : Semicentenary

Close Words Definitions

Crackpot: a whimsically eccentric person.

Semiarid: somewhat arid.

Arishth: a tree found in India, Pakistan and other areas, this tree has many benefits.

Subconscious: psychic activity just below the level of awareness.

Lukewarmness: a warmness resembling the temperature of the skin.

Kook: someone regarded as eccentric or crazy and standing out from a group.

Semidesert: a region much like a desert but usually located between a desert and the surrounding regions.

Semiliquid: somewhat liquid.

Semiliterate: literate but poorly informed.

Semicircular: curved into a half circle.

Semicentenary: the 50th anniversary (or the celebration of it).

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