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New Moon meaning in Urdu

New Moon Synonym

New Moon Definitions

1) New Moon, New Phase Of The Moon : نیا باریک چاند : (noun) the time at which the Moon appears as a narrow waxing crescent.


Useful Words

Moonless : چاند کے بغیر , Full : پورا چاند , Moon : چاند کی روشنی , Lunar : چاند سے متعلق , Solar Eclipse : سورج گرہن , Crescent : نیا یا آخری ہفتے کا چاند , Cislunar : زمین اور چاند کے درمیان , Halo : ہالہ , Selenology : علم القمر , Crustal : اوپر کی پرت سے متعلق , Artificial Satellite : مدار میں گہومنے والا , Neap : جزر , Astrologer : نجومی , Lunisolar : سورج اور چاند کے باہمی تعلق پر مبنی , Lunar Eclipse : چاند گرہن , Astrology : علم نجوم , Luna : چاند کی دیوی , Tide : جوار بھاٹا , Tidal Wave : مدوجزر کی لہر , Easter : مسیحیوں کا تہوار , Crescent : ہلال , Pluto : نظام شمسی کا ایک سیارہ , Asynchronous : بیک وقت ظاہر نہ ہونے والا , Polishing : روشن , Crescent Roll : موٹی ہلالی شکل کی روٹی , Half-Moon : ناخن کی جڑ کا حصہ , Hogback : پہاڑ کی لمبی چوٹی , Banana : کیلا , Actias Luna : امریکی مدھ , Lineation : خط کشی , Periodical : جریدہ

Useful Words Definitions

Moonless: without a moon or a visible moon.

Full: the time when the Moon is fully illuminated.

Moon: the light of the Moon.

Lunar: of or relating to or associated with the moon.

Solar Eclipse: the moon interrupts light from the sun.

Crescent: resembling the new moon in shape.

Cislunar: situated between the earth and the moon.

Halo: a circle of light around the sun or moon.

Selenology: the branch of astronomy that deals with the moon.

Crustal: of or relating to or characteristic of the crust of the earth or moon.

Artificial Satellite: man-made equipment that orbits around the earth or the moon.

Neap: a less than average tide occurring at the first and third quarters of the moon.

Astrologer: someone who predicts the future by the positions of the planets and sun and Moon.

Lunisolar: relating to or attributed to the moon and the sun or their mutual relations.

Lunar Eclipse: the earth interrupts light shining on the moon.

Astrology: a pseudoscience claiming divination by the positions of the planets and sun and moon.

Luna: (Roman mythology) the goddess of the Moon; counterpart of Greek Selene.

Tide: the periodic rise and fall of the sea level under the gravitational pull of the moon.

Tidal Wave: a wave resulting from the periodic flow of the tides that is caused by the gravitational attraction of the moon and sun.

Easter: a Christian celebration of the Resurrection of Christ; celebrated on the Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox.

Crescent: any shape resembling the curved shape of the moon in its first or last quarters.

Pluto: Pluto is a dwarf planet in our solar system, formerly considered the ninth planet. It resides in the Kuiper Belt and is smaller than the major planets. Pluto is characterized by its icy composition and a single large moon, Charon.

Asynchronous: not synchronous; not occurring or existing at the same time or having the same period or phase.

Polishing: the work of making something smooth and shiny by rubbing or waxing it.

Crescent Roll: very rich flaky crescent-shaped roll.

Half-Moon: the crescent-shaped area at the base of the human fingernail.

Hogback: a long narrow ridge of hills with a narrow crest and steep slopes.

Banana: elongated crescent-shaped yellow fruit with soft sweet flesh.

Actias Luna: large pale-green American moth with long-tailed hind wings and a yellow crescent-shaped mark on each forewing.

Lineation: the line that appears to bound an object.

Periodical: a publication that appears at fixed intervals.

Related Words

Month : تیس دن

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