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Nigher Meaning in Urdu

Close to Nigher

1. Nigher - Closer - Nearer : نزدیک : (adverb) (comparative of `near` or `close`) within a shorter distance.

Comparative, Comparative Degree - the comparative form of an adjective or adverb.

Related Words

Night : اندھیرا : darkness. "It vanished into the night"

Moon Blindness - Night Blindness - Nyctalopia : رات کے وقت کم نظر آنا : inability to see clearly in dim light; due to a deficiency of vitamin A or to a retinal disorder.

Useful Words

Close - Near - Nigh : قریب : near in time or place or relationship. "Near here"

Comparative : تقابلی : relating to or based on or involving comparison. "Comparative linguistics"

Distance - Outdistance - Outstrip : بہت آگے نکل جانا : go far ahead of. "He outdistanced the other runners"

Approach - Come Near - Come On - Draw Close - Draw Near - Go Up - Near : طرف جانا : move towards. "As I approached the car"

Inside - Within : اندر : on the inside. "Inside, the car is a mess"

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