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Nimtana : نِمٹنا

1. Tackle, Take On, Undertake : نمٹنا : (verb) accept as a challenge.

Aitraz : Challenge : questioning a statement and demanding an explanation. "His challenge of the assumption that Japan is still our enemy"

Lalkar : Challenge : a call to engage in a contest or fight.

Bardasht Karna : Accept : tolerate or accommodate oneself to. "I shall have to accept these unpleasant working conditions"

Manna, Taslem Karna : Accept : consider or hold as true. "I cannot accept the dogma of this church"

Manna : Accept : react favorably to; consider right and proper. "Wish I had accepted you advice"

Manna, Razamandi Zahir... : Accept : give an affirmative reply to; respond favorably to. "I cannot accept your invitation"

Lalkarna : Challenge : issue a challenge to. "Fischer challenged Spassky to a match"

آر یا پار