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1 of 3) Nobble, Bunco, Con, Defraud, Diddle, Gip, Goldbrick, Gyp, Hornswoggle, Mulct, Rook, Scam, Short-Change, Swindle, Victimize : ٹھگنا, چونا لگانا : (verb) deprive of by deceit.

Related : Short-Change : cheat someone by not returning him enough money. Rip Off : deprive somebody of something by deceit.


2 of 3) Nobble, Abstract, Cabbage, Filch, Hook, Lift, Pilfer, Pinch, Purloin, Snarf, Sneak, Swipe : اچک لینا : (verb) make off with belongings of others.

Related : Steal : take without the owner`s consent.

3 of 3) Nobble, Abduct, Kidnap, Snatch : اغوا کرنا : (verb) take away to an undisclosed location against their will and usually in order to extract a ransom.

Related : Offense : (criminal law) an act punishable by law; usually considered an evil act. Seize : take or capture by force.

Useful Words

Honest, Honorable : ایماندار : not disposed to cheat or defraud; not deceptive or fraudulent. "I will show you to be honest".

Dishonest, Dishonorable : بدنیت : deceptive or fraudulent; disposed to cheat or defraud or deceive. "A dishonest officer".

Cheat, Chisel, Rip Off : ہتھیا لینا : deprive somebody of something by deceit. "The con-man beat me out of $50".

Bilk : ٹھگنا : cheat somebody out of what is due, especially money.

Cozen : ٹھگ لینا : cheat or trick. "He cozened the money out of the old man".

Short, Short-Change : کسی کو رقم واپس نا کر کے دہوکہ دینا : cheat someone by not returning him enough money.

Welch, Welsh : پیسہ وغیرہ کھا کر فراد کرنا : cheat by avoiding payment of a gambling debt.

Bunco, Bunco Game, Bunko, Bunko Game, Con, Con Game, Confidence Game, Confidence Trick, Flimflam, Gyp, Hustle, Sting : فریبی چال : a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property. "This is an open hustle".

Cozen : فریب دینا : act with artful deceit.

Cheat, Chicane, Chouse, Jockey, Screw, Shaft : جل دینا : defeat someone through trickery or deceit.

Larcenous, Thievishness : چوری سے متعلق : having a disposition to steal.

Shoplift : دکان میں چوری کرنا : steal in a store.

Guileless, Transparent : سیدھا سادھا : free of deceit and other trickery activites. "She smiled upon her guileless boy".

Rig, Set Up : دھاندلی کرنا : arrange the outcome of by means of deceit. "Rig an election".

Devious, Shifty : چالاک : characterized by insincerity or deceit; evasive. "A devious character".

Artless : سادہ : simple and natural; without cunning or deceit. "An artless manner".

Despoil, Foray, Loot, Pillage, Plunder, Ransack, Reave, Rifle, Strip : لوٹنا : steal goods; take as spoils. "In London, black people looted all the shops when London was set on fire".

Upstage : توجہ اپنی طرف کروانا : steal the show, draw attention to oneself away from someone else. "She upstaged the teacher".

Burglar : چور : a thief who enters a building with intent to steal.

Kleptomaniac : خبطی چور : someone with an irrational urge to steal in the absence of an economic motive.

Kleptomania : چوری کرنا : an irresistible impulse to steal in the absence of any economic motive.

Burglary : چوری : entering a building unlawfully with intent to commit a felony or to steal valuable property.

Break, Break In : ناجائز طور پر داخل ہونا : enter someone's (virtual or real) property in an unauthorized manner, usually with the intent to steal or commit a violent act. "Someone broke in while I was on vacation".

Kill : جان لینا : deprive of life. "AIDS has killed thousands in Africa".

Bereave : موت کی وجہ سے بچھڑ جانا : deprive through death.

Intern : نظر بند کرنا : deprive of freedom. "During WW II, Japanese were interned in camps in the West".

Famish, Starve : کھانے کی کمی ہونا : deprive of food. "They starved the prisoners".

Cripple, Lame : اپاہج ہونا : deprive of the use of a limb, especially a leg. "The accident has crippled her for life".

Demonetise, Demonetize : اسقاط زر کرنا : deprive of value for payment. "Demonetize a coin".

Tongue-Tie : لکنت : deprive of speech. "When he met his idol, the young man was tongue-tied".

Devaluate, Devalue : قدر کم کرنا : remove the value from; deprive of its value.

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