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Nokia meaning in Urdu

Nokia Sentence

Nokia is to launch new mobile phone set in Pakistan.

Nokia Definitions

1) Nokia : دنیا کی نامور موبائل فون کمپنی : (noun) world no 1 mobile phone manufacturer and most famed brand.


Useful Words

Sumsung : معروف موبائل فون کمپنی , Online Chating : موبائل فون یا کمپیوٹر پر گپ شپ کرنا , Paf : دوست کو فون کرنا , Cell Phone : موبائل سے فون ملانا , Hang On : فون پر انتظار کرنا , Jodia Bazar : کراچی شہر کا نامور کاروباری بازار , North Nazimabad : نارتھ ناظم آباد , Geo Tv : جیو ٹی وی , Twitter : ایک مشہور سماجی ویب سائٹ , Chicken Boti : چکن بوٹی , Gangnam Style : گنگنم اسٹائل , Brand : تجارتی نشان دینا , Vaseline : ویسلین , Crazy Glue : تجارتی نشان چپکنے والی گوندکا , Armorer : ہتھیار بنانے والا , Mobile : امریکی ریاست الاابامہ کا دریا , Mobile Charger : موبائل چارج کرنے کا آلہ , Suzuki : جاپانی گاڑی بنانے والی کمپنی , Bookmobile : موبائل کتب خانہ , Hood Ornament : کارساز کمپنی کا نشان , Maverick : آوارہ جانور , Clapper : زبان , Trademark : تجارتی نشان , Trade Secret : تجارتی راز , Trade Discount : منہانی , Cell : متحرک فون , Gillette : جیلیٹ , Burberry : برساتی کوٹ , Callback : واپسی کی درخواست , Secular : دنیاوی , Nile : دریائے نیل دنیا کا سب سے طویل دریا

Useful Words Definitions

Sumsung: very famed mobile phone manufacturer in the world.

Online Chating: chating on computer using internet or mobile phone.

Paf: Phone A Friend .

Cell Phone: call up by using a cellular phone.

Hang On: hold the phone line open.

Jodia Bazar: very famed market in Karachi.

North Nazimabad: Very famed area of Karachi.

Geo Tv: very famed Pakistani news TV channel.

Twitter: very famed social networking website.

Chicken Boti: chicken dish that is served with roti or naan very famed in Pakistan .

Gangnam Style: Very famed South Korean pop song, sung by Park Jae-sang who`s stage name is PSY.

Brand: mark with a brand or trademark.

Vaseline: a trademarked brand of petroleum jelly.

Crazy Glue: a commercial brand of epoxy glue.

Armorer: a manufacturer of firearms.

Mobile: a river in southwestern Alabama; flows into Mobile Bay.

Mobile Charger: a device for charging or recharging mobile batteries.

Suzuki : car manufacturer company in Japan.

Bookmobile: a van with shelves of books; serves as a mobile library or bookstore.

Hood Ornament: an ornament on the front of the hood of a car emblematic of the manufacturer.

Maverick: an unbranded range animal (especially a stray calf); belongs to the first person who puts a brand on it.

Clapper: a mobile mass of muscular tissue covered with mucous membrane and located in the oral cavity.

Trademark: a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product.

Trade Secret: a secret (method or device or formula) that gives a manufacturer an advantage over the competition.

Trade Discount: a discount from the list price of a commodity allowed by a manufacturer or wholesaler to a merchant.

Cell: a hand-held mobile radiotelephone for use in an area divided into small sections, each with its own short-range transmitter/receiver.

Gillette: United States inventor and manufacturer who developed the safety razor (1855-1932).

Burberry: a lightweight belted raincoat typically made of tan gabardine with a distinctive tartan lining; named for the original manufacturer.

Callback: a request by the manufacturer of a defective product to return the product (as for replacement or repair).

Secular: characteristic of or devoted to the temporal world as opposed to the spiritual world.

Nile: the world's longest river (4150 miles); flows northward through eastern Africa into the Mediterranean; the Nile River valley in Egypt was the site of the world's first great civilization.

Nokia in Book Titles

Nokia Network Security Solutions Handbook.
Nokia Smartphone Hacks.
Nokia: Strategic Transformation and Growth.

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