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Oblige meaning in Urdu

Oblige Sentence

We had to oblige him.

Oblige Synonyms


Oblige Definitions

1 of 3) Oblige, Compel, Obligate : مجبور کرنا : (verb) force somebody to do something.

2 of 3) Oblige, Bind, Hold, Obligate : پابند سمجھنا, پابند ہونا : (verb) bind by an obligation; cause to be indebted.

3 of 3) Oblige, Accommodate : خدمت کرنا : (verb) provide a service or favor for someone.

Useful Words

Condemn : دھکیل دینا , Drive : مجبور کرنا , Enforce : نافذ کرنا , Intimidate : دھمکانا , Binder : باندھنے کی شئے , Pinion : ہاتھ باندھنا , Band : باندھنا , Cement : جوڑنا , Enchain : زنجیر سے باندھنا , Ligate : پٹی باندھنا , Encircle : گولائی میں باندھنا , Earnest : بیعانہ , Lash : رسی سے باندھنا , Millboard : مضبوط گتا , Guerilla : چھاپہ مار , Counteroffensive : جوابی حملہ , Interfere : مداخلت کرنا , Duty : فرض , Binder : باندھنے والا , Compulsory Process : گواہوں کو بلانے کا حکم , Straightjacket : ایک قسم کی جیکٹ , Counterattack : جوابی حملہ , Operative : موثر , Foist : بوج دوسرے پر ڈالنا , Coercion : جبر , Push : زور سے دھکا دینا , Hands : افرادی قوت , Fend : مزاحمت کرنا , Coldcock : مار گرانا , Launch : طاقت سے چلانے کا عمل , Keep Down : زیر اثر رکھنا

Useful Words Definitions

Condemn: compel or force into a particular state or activity.

Drive: compel somebody to do something, often against his own will or judgment.

Enforce: compel to behave in a certain way.

Intimidate: to compel or deter by or as if by threats.

Binder: something used to tie or bind.

Pinion: bind the arms of.

Band: bind or tie together, as with a band.

Cement: bind or join with or as if with cement.

Enchain: restrain or bind with chains.

Ligate: bind with a bandage or ligature.

Encircle: bind with something round or circular.

Earnest: something of value given by one person to another to bind a contract.

Lash: bind with a rope, chain, or cord.

Millboard: stout pasteboard used to bind books.

Guerilla: a member of an irregular armed force that fights a stronger force by sabotage and harassment.

Counteroffensive: a large scale offensive (more than a counterattack) undertaken by a defending force to seize the initiative from an attacking force.

Interfere: get involved, so as to alter or hinder an action, or through force or threat of force.

Duty: the social force that binds you to the courses of action demanded by that force.

Binder: something used to bind separate particles together or facilitate adhesion to a surface.

Compulsory Process: the right of a defendant to have a court use its subpoena power to compel the appearance of material witnesses before the court.

Straightjacket: a garment similar to a jacket that is used to bind the arms tightly against the body as a means of restraining a violent person.

Counterattack: an attack by a defending force against an attacking enemy force in order to regain lost ground or cut off enemy advance units etc.

Operative: being in force or having or exerting force.

Foist: to force onto another.

Coercion: using force to cause something to occur.

Push: the force used in pushing.

Hands: the force of workers available.

Fend: withstand the force of something.

Coldcock: knock down with force.

Launch: the act of propelling with force.

Keep Down: put down by force or intimidation.

Related Words

Force : لاگو کرنا , Cause : قائل کرنا , Walk : چلانا , Act : کام کرنا , Relate : دوستی کرنا , Coerce : دباو ڈالنا , Abide By : ماننا , Apply : کوئی قانون نافذ کرنا

Oblige in Book Titles

Noblesse Oblige: Spending Your Life on What Matters Most.
Executive imperialism: the myth of noblesse oblige.
Should the State oblige us to educate? A letter to Lord John Russell.

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