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Oblique Bandage meaning in Urdu

Oblique Bandage Definitions

1) Oblique Bandage : ایک قسم کی پٹی : (noun) a bandage in which successive turns proceed obliquely up or down a limb.


Useful Words

Bandaging : مرہم پٹی , Ligate : پٹی باندھنا , Compression Bandage : لہو روک پٹی , Truss : پٹی سے لپیٹنا , Scarf Bandage : گردن کے ذریعے ہاتھ کو سہارا دینے کی پٹی , Adhesive Bandage : چپکنے والی پٹی , Aslant : ترچھی طرف سے , Aslant : ٹیڑھا , Askance : بھینگے پن سے , Musculus Sternocleidomastoideus : سٹریپ نما گردن کا عضلہ جو سٹرنم اور ہنسلی کی ہڈی سے نکل کر ٹمپورل ہڈی کے مسٹائڈ زائدہ میں لگا ہوتا ہے , Leg : ٹانگ , Arm : بازو , Slant : ترچھا ہونا , Skid : پھسلنا , Come : چلنا , Clearance : اجازت , Go-Ahead : آگے بڑھنے کا اشارہ ٹریفک سگنل پر , Scamper : جلدی میں دوڑنا , Go Ahead : کسی مقصد میں آگے جانا , Dawdle : کاہلی کرنا , Angle : راہ لینا , Limp : ہلکے ہلکے آگے بڑھنا , Embark : قسمت آزمانا , Undercut : آڑا کاٹنا , All Clear : سب ٹھیک ہے , Green Light : آگے بڑھنے کا اشارہ کسی کام میں , Cripple : اپاہج ہونا , Shack : پیچھے پیچھے چلنا , Hind Leg : چوپائے کی پچھلی ٹانگیں , Adduct : کھینچنا , Monoplegia : جسم کے ایک اعضا یا ایک طرف فالج ہونا

Useful Words Definitions

Bandaging: the act of applying a bandage.

Ligate: bind with a bandage or ligature.

Compression Bandage: bandage that stops the flow of blood from an artery by applying pressure.

Truss: (medicine) a bandage consisting of a pad and belt; worn to hold a hernia in place by pressure.

Scarf Bandage: bandage to support an injured forearm; consisting of a wide triangular piece of cloth hanging from around the neck.

Adhesive Bandage: bandage consisting of a medical dressing of plain absorbent gauze held in place by a plastic or fabric tape coated with adhesive.

Aslant: at an oblique angle.

Aslant: having an oblique or slanted direction.

Askance: with a side or oblique glance.

Musculus Sternocleidomastoideus: one of two thick muscles running from the sternum and clavicle to the mastoid and occipital bone; turns head obliquely to the opposite side; when acting together they flex the neck and extend the head.

Leg: a human limb; commonly used to refer to a whole limb but technically only the part of the limb between the knee and ankle.

Arm: a human limb; technically the part of the superior limb between the shoulder and the elbow but commonly used to refer to the whole superior limb.

Slant: lie obliquely.

Skid: move obliquely or sideways, usually in an uncontrolled manner.

Come: proceed or get along.

Clearance: permission to proceed.

Go-Ahead: a signal to proceed.

Scamper: to move about or proceed hurriedly.

Go Ahead: proceed (with a plan of action).

Dawdle: take one's time; proceed slowly.

Angle: move or proceed at an angle.

Limp: proceed slowly or with difficulty.

Embark: proceed somewhere despite the risk of possible dangers.

Undercut: cut obliquely into (a tree) below the main cut and on the side toward which the tree will fall.

All Clear: permission to proceed because obstacles have been removed.

Green Light: permission to proceed with a project or to take action.

Cripple: deprive of the use of a limb, especially a leg.

Shack: move, proceed, or walk draggingly or slowly.

Hind Leg: the back limb of a quadruped.

Adduct: draw a limb towards the body.

Monoplegia: paralysis of a single limb.

Related Words

Bandage : پٹی

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