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1 of 2) Observer, Beholder, Perceiver, Percipient : محسوس کرنے والا شخص : (noun) a person who becomes aware (of things or events) through the senses.

Related : Soul : a human being. Spotter : someone who is the first to observe something. Listener : someone who listens attentively.

2 of 2) Observer, Commentator : تبصرہ کرنے والا, مشاہدہ کرنے والا, غور کرنے والا : (noun) an expert who observes and comments on something.

Related : Expert : a person with special knowledge or ability who performs skillfully. Annotator : a commentator who writes notes to a text.

Useful Words

Perception, Sensing : احساس : becoming aware of something via the senses.

Comprehend, Perceive : جاننا : to become aware of through the senses. "They considered each other brother sister but the girl`s father had suspicion and then his mouth fell open as he perceived the truth".

Sense, Smell, Smell Out : محسوس کرنا : become aware of not through the senses but instinctively. "I sense his hostility".

Realistic : حقیقت پسندانہ : aware or expressing awareness of things as they really are. "A realistic description".

Clairvoyance, E.S.P., Esp, Extrasensory Perception, Second Sight : غیب بینی : apparent power to perceive things that are not present to the senses. "Is someone has clairvoyance power?".

Intervene : حائل ہونا : be placed or located between other things or extend between spaces and events. "This interludes intervenes between the two movements".

Appreciator : مدرك : a person who is fully aware of something and understands it. "He is not an appreciator of our dilemma".

Imagery, Imagination, Imaging, Mental Imagery : خیالی : the ability to form mental images of things or events. "He could still hear her in his imagination".

Connectedness, Connection, Connexion : تعلق : a relation between things or events (as in the case of one causing the other or sharing features with it). "There was a connection between eating that pickle and having that nightmare".

Synergism, Synergy : متحدہ عمل : the working together of two things (muscles or drugs for example) to produce an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects.

Dazzlingly : چکا چوند سے : in a manner or to a degree that dazzles the beholder.

Development, Growing, Growth, Maturation, Ontogenesis, Ontogeny : نشونما پانا : (biology) the process of an individual organism growing organically; a purely biological unfolding of events involved in an organism changing gradually from a simple to a more complex level. "The state bank says the country`s growth has never fallen to such an extent".

Head : شخص : an individual person. "Tickets are $5 per head".

Self : شخصیت : a person considered as a unique individual. "One's own self".

Psyche, Soul : روح : the immaterial part of a person; the actuating cause of an individual life.

Part, Percentage, Portion, Share : حصہ : assets belonging to or due to or contributed by an individual person or group. "He wanted his share in cash".

Biography, Life, Life History, Life Story : سوانح عمری : an account of the series of events making up a person's life.

Important Person, Influential Person, Personage : اہم شخص : a person whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of events.

Gambler : جواری : a person who wagers money on the outcome of games or sporting events.

Actor, Doer, Worker : اداکرنے والا : a person who acts and gets things done. "He`s a principal actor in this affair".

Aggregator, Collector : جمع کرنے والا : a person who collects things. "Office file collector".

Counter : گننے والا : a person who counts things.

Maker, Shaper : کوئی بنانے والا : a person who makes things.

All Arounder, All-Rounder : ہرفن مولا : a versatile person who is expert at many things. "She`s the best all-rounder they`ve seen in years".

Creator : موجد : a person who grows or makes or invents things.

Blasphemer : گستاخی کرنے والا : a person who speaks disrespectfully of sacred things.

Contractor : ٹھیکے دار : someone (a person or firm) who contracts to build things.

Hoarder : مستقبل کے لئے جمع کرنے والا : a person who accumulates things and hides them away for future use. "Any suggestions on how to deal with a hoarder boss ?".

Pyromaniac : آتش مانیانی : a person with a mania for setting things on fire.

Optimist : رجائیت پسند : a person disposed to take a favorable view of things. "He is expecting success on endeavor of his new project as he is an optimist man".

Compulsive : عادی : a person with a compulsive disposition; someone who feels compelled to do certain things. "Compulsive style".

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