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1. Offal : جانور کے چھیچھڑے وغیرہ : (Noun) Viscera and trimmings of a butchered animal often considered inedible by humans.

Animal, Animate Being, Beast, Brute, Creature, Fauna - حیوان - a living organism characterized by voluntary movement; "Get aside, the animal has come".

Considered - سوچا سمجھا - carefully weighed; "a considered opinion".

Homo, Human, Human Being, Man - انسان - any living or extinct member of the family Hominidae characterized by superior intelligence, articulate speech, and erect carriage; "Be a human".

Inedible, Uneatable - جو کھانے کے قابل نہ ہو - not suitable for food.

Frequently, Oft, Often, Oftentimes, Ofttimes - بسا اوقات - many times at short intervals; "As often happens".

Trimming - درستی کا عمل - the act of adding decoration; "the children had to be in bed before it was time for the trimming of the tree".

Entrails, Innards, Viscera - انتڑیاں - internal organs collectively (especially those in the abdominal cavity); "`viscera' is the plural form of `viscus'".

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