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Oftener meaning in Urdu

Oftener Sentence

An oftener drinker.

Oftener in Detail

1) Oftener : بار بار : (adverb) more often or more frequently.

Useful Words

A Great Deal, Much, Often : متعدد بار : frequently or in great quantities. "I don't drink much".

Associate, Companion, Comrade, Familiar, Fellow : دوست : a friend who is frequently in the company of another. "Those who speak ill of the companions of the Messenger of Allah are disbelievers".

Hangout, Haunt, Repair, Resort, Stamping Ground : ایسی جگہ جہاں بار بار جایا جائے : a frequently visited place. "The Swat is a tourist haunt".

Incidental, Incidental Expense, Minor Expense : ضمنی : (frequently plural) an expense not budgeted or not specified. "He requested reimbursement of $7 for incidental expenses".

Bursitis : ایک قسم کی کندھے کی سوزش : inflammation of a bursa; frequently in the shoulder. "You need bursitis treatment".

Long-Familiar, Well-Known : اچھی طرح واقف : frequently experienced; known closely or intimately. "A long-familiar face".

Febricity, Febrility, Fever, Feverishness, Pyrexia : بخار : a rise in the body temperature; frequently a symptom of infection. "The fever hasn`t come down now".

Hemicrania, Megrim, Migraine, Sick Headache : شقیقہ : a severe recurring vascular headache; occurs more frequently in women than men.

Talking Book : بولتی کتاب : sound recording of someone reading a book; frequently used by blind people.

Critic : نقاد : someone who frequently finds fault or makes harsh and unfair judgments.

Showplace : نمائش کی جگہ : a place that is frequently exhibited and visited for its historical interest or natural beauty.

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