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1 of 2) Omit, Except, Exclude, Leave Off, Leave Out, Take Out : چھوڑ دینا, نکال دینا, منہا کرنا : (verb) prevent from being included or considered or accepted.

2 of 2) Omit, Drop, Leave Out, Miss, Neglect, Overleap, Overlook, Pretermit : چھوٹ جانا, رہ جانا : (verb) leave undone or leave out.

Useful Words

Aegypiidae : گدھ , Abandon : چھوڑ دینا , Avert : روکنا , Content : اجزا , Weather Strip : دروازے میں لگانے والی پٹی جو ٹھنڈ روکتی ہے , Move Out : لے جانا , Depart : چلے جانا , Absent : چھوڑ دینا , Depart : چھوڑ دینا , Discharge : خالی کرنا , Change : بدل لینا , Awol : بغیر درخواست کے چھٹی کرنے والا , Abandon : ترک کرنا , Hightail : جلدی میں نکلنا , Pop Off : اچانک چھوڑ جانا , Decamp : اچانک چھوڑدینا , Derail : پٹڑی سے اترنا , Come Away : حالت میں رہنا , Detrain : ریل گاڑی سے اتارنا , Get Off : سواری سے اترنا , Abandon : خالی کرنا , Beetle Off : جلدی میں جانا , Blow : چھوڑدینا , Slip Away : چپکے سے بچنا , Expel : خارج کرنا , Bequeath : مرنے کے بعد چھوڑ جانا , Mark : نشان لگانا , Depose : عہدے سے ہٹانا , Walk Out Of : غصے میں کسی جگہ سے چلے جانا , Linger : سستی کرنا , Fail : ناکام ہونا

Useful Words Definitions

Aegypiidae: in some classifications considered the family comprising the Old World vultures which are more often included in the family Accipitridae.

Abandon: leave someone who needs or counts on you; leave in the lurch.

Avert: prevent the occurrence of; prevent from happening.

Content: everything that is included in a collection and that is held or included in something.

Weather Strip: a narrow strip of material to cover the joint of a door or window to exclude the cold.

Move Out: cause to leave.

Depart: leave.

Absent: go away or leave.

Depart: go away or leave.

Discharge: leave or unload.

Change: lay aside, abandon, or leave for another.

Awol: one who is away or absent without leave.

Abandon: forsake, leave behind.

Hightail: leave as fast as possible.

Pop Off: leave quickly.

Decamp: leave suddenly.

Derail: run off or leave the rails.

Come Away: leave in a certain condition.

Detrain: leave a train.

Get Off: leave a vehicle, aircraft, etc..

Abandon: leave behind empty; move out of.

Beetle Off: leave suddenly and as if in a hurry.

Blow: leave; informal or rude.

Slip Away: leave furtively and stealthily.

Expel: force to leave or move out.

Bequeath: leave or give by will after one`s death.

Mark: make or leave a mark on.

Depose: force to leave (an office).

Walk Out Of: leave, usually as an expression of disapproval.

Linger: leave slowly and hesitantly.

Fail: fail to do something; leave something undone.

Related Words

Do Away With : ختم کرنا , Jump : پھلانگنا

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