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Oot Patang : اوٹ پٹانگ

2. Absurdity, Absurdness, Ridiculousness : اوٹ پٹانگ - غیر معقول بات : (noun) a message whose content is at variance with reason.

3. Pathetic, Ridiculous, Silly : اوٹ پٹانگ : inviting ridicule,pathetic.

Tabdeeli : Variance : an activity that varies from a norm or standard. "Any variation in his routine was immediately reported"

Tazad, Adam Ittefaq, Ikhtalaf : Variance : a difference between conflicting facts or claims or opinions. "A growing divergence of opinion"

Paigham : Message : a communication (usually brief) that is written or spoken or signaled. "Me and vulgar message"

Mazaq, Tamaskhr, Thatha : Ridicule : language or behavior intended to mock or humiliate.

Jawaaz : Reason : a justification for something existing or happening. "He had no cause to complain"