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Openhandedness meaning in Urdu

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Openhandedness in Detail

1) Openhandedness, Largess, Largesse, Magnanimity, Munificence : فراخ دلی : (noun) liberality in bestowing gifts; extremely liberal and generous of spirit.

Useful Words

Greathearted, Magnanimous : عالی ظرف : noble and generous in spirit. "A greathearted general".

Liberalise, Liberalize : آزاد بنانا : make liberal or more liberal, of laws and rules.

Meanspirited, Ungenerous : کم ظرف : lacking in magnanimity. "It seems ungenerous to end this review of a splendid work of scholarship on a critical note".

Beatific : مبارک : experiencing or bestowing celestial joy. "A beatific baby".

Certification, Enfranchisement : تصدیق کا عمل : the act of certifying or bestowing a franchise on. "Certification of supply chain management".

Zeitgeist : کسی خاص دار کا جذبہ : the spirit of the time; the spirit characteristic of an age or generation.

Python : بہوت پریت : a soothsaying spirit or a person who is possessed by such a spirit.

Lavish, Munificent, Overgenerous, Too-Generous, Unsparing, Unstinted, Unstinting : فراغ دلی سے : very generous. "Distributed gifts with a lavish hand".

Generously, Liberally, Munificently : کھلے دل سے : in a generous manner. "He gave liberally to several charities".

Benevolent, Freehearted : سخی : generous in providing aid to others.

Bigheartedness : فراغ دلی : the quality of being kind and generous.

Beneficent, Benevolent, Eleemosynary, Philanthropic : سخی : generous in assistance to the poor. "A benevolent contributor".

Big, Large, Magnanimous : فراغ دل : generous and understanding and tolerant. "A heart big enough to hold no grudges".

Ungrudgingly : بغیر کسی عداوت کے : in a generous and ungrudging manner. "He ungrudgingly agreed to pay for everybody's dinner when the guests found themselves without cash".

Beneficence : احسان : the quality of being kind or helpful or generous.

Gift Shop, Novelty Shop : تحفوں کی دکان : a shop that sells miscellaneous articles appropriate as gifts.

Noblesse Oblige : متمول اور عالی مرتبت اشخاص پر باوقار طرز عمل کی ذمہ داری : the obligation of those of high rank to be honorable and generous (often used ironically).

Centrist, Middle-Of-The-Road : اعتدال پسند : supporting or pursuing a course of action that is neither liberal nor conservative.

Profession : پیشہ : an occupation requiring special education (especially in the liberal arts or sciences).

Holmes, Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. : امریکی جج : United States jurist noted for his liberal opinions (1841-1935).

Full Of Life, Lively, Vital : زندہ دل : full of spirit. "Lively people of Lahore".

Con Brio : جوشیلے : with liveliness or spirit. "Con Brio friends".

Chapfallen, Chopfallen, Crestfallen, Deflated : پست : brought low in spirit. "Left us fatigued and deflated spiritually".

Bogey, Bogie, Bogy : بہوت : an evil spirit.

Inspirit, Spirit, Spirit Up : جان ڈالنا : infuse with spirit. "The company spirited him up".

Academic Program : تعلیمی ترتیب : (education) a program of education in liberal arts and sciences (usually in preparation for higher education).

Otherworldliness, Spiritism, Spiritualism, Spirituality : علم روحانی : concern with things of the spirit.

Sprightly : خوش مزاجی سے : full of spirit and vitality. "A sprightly young girl".

Dreamy, Lackadaisical, Languid, Languorous : پھیکا : lacking spirit or liveliness. "A lackadaisical attempt".

Esprit : زندہ دلی : liveliness of mind or spirit.

Alive, Animated : پرجوش : having life or vigor or spirit. "An animated and expressive face".

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