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1) Openmouthed, Goggle-Eyed, Popeyed : ابھری ہوئی آنکہوں والا : (satellite adjective) with eyes or mouth open in surprise.

Related : Colloquialism : a colloquial expression; characteristic of spoken or written communication that seeks to imitate informal speech.

Useful Words

Deep Kiss, French Kiss, Soul Kiss : دوسرے کے منہ میں زبان ڈال کر لیا جانے والا بوسہ : an openmouthed kiss in which your tongue is inserted into the other`s mouth. "French kiss is very famous".

Feature, Lineament : چہرے کا کوئی حصہ : the characteristic parts of a person`s face: eyes and nose and mouth and chin. "An expression of pleasure crossed his features".

Stare : تاڑنا : a fixed look with eyes open wide.

Wide, Wide-Eyed : پھٹی آنکھیں : (used of eyes) fully open or extended. "Stared with wide eyes".

Agaze, Staring : غور سے دیکھنا : (used of eyes) open and fixed as if in fear or wonder. "She is staring".

Agape, Gaping : منہ کھلا : with the mouth wide open as in wonder or awe. "The gaping audience".

Round-Eyed, Saucer-Eyed : بڑی گول آنکھوں والا : having large round wide-open eyes.

Jawbone, Jowl, Lower Jaw, Lower Jawbone, Mandible, Mandibula, Mandibular Bone, Submaxilla : جبڑے کی ہڈی : the jaw in vertebrates that is hinged to open the mouth.

Gasp, Pant : سانس پھولنا : a short labored intake of breath with the mouth open. "She gave a gasp and fainted".

Oscitance, Oscitancy, Yawn, Yawning : جمائی : an involuntary intake of breath through a wide open mouth; usually triggered by fatigue or boredom. "Groom could not suppress a yawn".

Gape : منہ کھول کر حیرانی سے دیکھنا : an expression of openmouthed astonishment. "She is gaping".

Saliva, Spit, Spittle : لعاب : a clear liquid secreted into the mouth by the salivary glands and mucous glands of the mouth; moistens the mouth and starts the digestion of starches.

Hare : خرگوش نما : swift timid long-eared mammal larger than a rabbit having a divided upper lip and long hind legs; young born furred and with open eyes. "To hunt with the hounds and run with the hare".

Ommatidium : ایک قسم کی آنکھ : any of the numerous small cone-shaped eyes that make up the compound eyes of some arthropods.

Suck : چوسنا : draw into the mouth by creating a practical vacuum in the mouth. "Suck the poison from the place where the snake bit".

Lemur : ایک قسم کا بندر نما چھوٹا جانور : large-eyed arboreal prosimian having foxy faces and long furry tails.

Aback : دنگ رہ جانا : by surprise. "What you had shown it set me aback".

Houri : جنت کی حور : (Islam) one of the dark-eyed virgins of perfect beauty believed to live with the blessed in Paradise. "The pious Moslems will get 100 houris".

Amazingly, Astonishingly, Surprisingly : حیران کن طور پر : in an amazing manner; to everyone's surprise. "Amazingly, he finished medical school in three years".

Blow, Shock : دھچکا : an unpleasant or disappointing surprise. "It came as a shock to learn that he was injured".

Surprising : حیرت انگیز : causing surprise or wonder or amazement. "What is surprising ?".

Call Out, Cry, Cry Out, Exclaim, Outcry, Shout : پکارنا : utter aloud; often with surprise, horror, or joy. "Who made a shout?".

Drab, Dreary : بے لطف : lacking in liveliness or charm or surprise. "Her drab personality".

Hey : اوے : Used to attract attention or to express surprise. "Oh wow!".

Curse, Curse Word, Cuss, Expletive, Oath, Swearing, Swearword : لعنت : profane or obscene expression usually of surprise or anger. "Curse on her".

Assassinated : مقتول : murdered by surprise attack for political reasons. "The 20th century has seen too many assassinated leaders".

Ambuscade, Ambush, Lying In Wait, Trap : گھات لگانے کا عمل : the act of concealing yourself and lying in wait to attack by surprise. "An ambush attack".

Assassination : کسی خاص شخصیت کا قتل : murder of a public figure by surprise attack.

Black-Eyed Susan, Bladder Ketmia, Flower-Of-An-Hour, Flowers-Of-An-Hour, Hibiscus Trionum : گھنٹے بھر کا پھول : annual weedy herb with ephemeral yellow purple-eyed flowers; Old World tropics; naturalized as a weed in North America.

Amazed, Astonied, Astonished, Astounded, Stunned : دنگ : filled with the emotional impact of overwhelming surprise or shock. "I was stunned".

Bust, Raid : چھاپہ مارنا : search without warning, make a sudden surprise attack on. "The police raided the crack house".

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