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1) Opera Hat, Beaver, Dress Hat, High Hat, Silk Hat, Stovepipe, Top Hat, Topper : اونچی ٹوپی : (noun) a man`s hat with a tall crown; usually covered with silk or with beaver fur.

Related : Lid : headdress that protects the head from bad weather; has shaped crown and usually a brim.

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Horse Opera, Western : مغربی امریکی ارتقا پر بننے والی فلم : a film about life in the western United States during the period of exploration and development. "Horse Opera series is extremely cliched or formulaic".

Light Opera, Operetta : چھوٹا اوپیرا : a short amusing opera.

Opera : ڈرامہ : a drama set to music; consists of singing with orchestral accompaniment and an orchestral overture and interludes.

Beaver, Beaver Fur : اودبلاو : the soft brown fur of the beaver.

Georgette : جارجٹ : a thin silk dress material.

Capped : ٹوپی پہنے : covered as if with a cap or crown especially of a specified kind. "Cloud-capped mountains".

Caddisworm, Strawworm : اناجی پودوں کو لگ جانے والا کیڑا : larva of the caddis fly; constructs a case of silk covered with sand or plant debris.

High-Crowned : اونچی ٹوپی : (of a hat) having a high crown. "High-crowned cap worn in Turkey and Iran".

Abies Alba, Christmas Tree, European Silver Fir : عمارتی لکڑی کا درخت : tall timber tree of central and southern Europe having a regular crown and grey bark.

Abies Lasiocarpa, Alpine Fir, Subalpine Fir : پہاڑی صنوبر : medium-tall timber tree of the Rocky Mountains having a narrowly conic to columnar crown.

Abies Concolor, Abies Lowiana, California White Fir, Colorado Fir, White Fir : سفید صنوبر : medium to tall fir of central to western United States having a narrow erect crown and soft wood.

Coronet : چھوٹا تاج : a small crown; usually indicates a high rank but below that of sovereign.

Abies Amabilis, Amabilis Fir, Christmas Tree, Pacific Silver Fir, Red Silver Fir, White Fir : کرسمس کا پودا : medium to tall fir of western North America having a conic crown and branches in tiers; leaves smell of orange when crushed.

Tree : شجر : a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms. "I had myself planted this tree".

Mobcap : زنانہ ٹوپی : large high frilly cap with a full crown; formerly worn indoors by women.

Spider : مکڑی : predatory arachnid with eight legs, two poison fangs, two feelers, and usually two silk-spinning organs at the back end of the body; they spin silk to make cocoons for eggs or traps for prey.

Crowned : تاج والا : provided with or as if with a crown or a crown as specified; often used in combination. "A high-crowned hat".

Operatic : غنائیہ سے متعلق : of or relating to or characteristic of opera.

Act : اسٹیج ڈرامہ : a subdivision of a play or opera or ballet.

Jacques Offenbach, Offenbach : فرانس کا موسیقی بنانے والا : French composer of many operettas and an opera (1819-1880).

Intermezzo : درمیانی نغمہ : a short piece of instrumental music composed for performance between acts of a drama or opera.

Heavy Metal : بھاری دھات : a metal of relatively high density (specific gravity greater than about 5) or of high relative atomic weight (especially one that is poisonous like mercury or lead).

Mantilla : عورتوں کے سر کا کپڑا : a woman's silk or lace scarf.

Silkiness, Sleekness : ریشم کی طرح : the smooth feel of silk fabric.

Jet Stream : تیز رفتار آندھی : a high-speed high-altitude airstream blowing from west to east near the top of the troposphere; has important effects of the formation of weather fronts.

Antheraea Mylitta, Tussah, Tusseh, Tusser, Tussore, Tussur : ریشم بنانے والا کیڑا : oriental moth that produces brownish silk.

Sarcenet, Sarsenet : نرم ریشمی کپڑا جو عموماً استر کے طور پر استعمال ہوتا ہے : a fine soft silk fabric often used for linings.

Expensive : مہنگا : high in price or charging high prices. "I have to gamble once because my wife is demanding jewelry of gold".

Faille : چمکیلا کپڑا : a ribbed woven fabric of silk or rayon or cotton.

Pongee : چینی ریشمی کپڑا : a soft thin cloth woven from raw silk (or an imitation).

Thrower, Throwster : ریشم کے دھاگے بٹنے والا : a person who twists silk or rayon filaments into a thread or yarn.

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