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Operate meaning in Urdu

Operate Sentences

After power failure either UPS or generator operate electricity.
The doctors operated on the patient but failed to save his life.

Operate Synonyms

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Operate in Detail

1 of 5) Operate, Run : چلانا : (verb) direct or control; projects, businesses, etc.

Related : Warm Up : run until the normal working temperature is reached.


2 of 5) Operate, Function, Go, Run, Work : کام کرنا : (verb) perform as expected when applied.

3 of 5) Operate, Control : چلانا, عمل کرنا : (verb) handle and cause to function.

Do not operate machinery after imbibing alcohol.

Related : Dial : operate a dial to select a telephone number.

4 of 5) Operate : ہونا : (verb) happen.

Related : Take Place : come to pass.

5 of 5) Operate, Operate On : جراحی کرنا, آپریشن کرنا : (verb) perform surgery on.

Related : Treat : provide treatment for.

Useful Words

Dial : فون نمبر ملانا : operate a dial to select a telephone number. "You must take the receiver off the hook before you dial".

Drive : گاڑی چلانا : operate or control a vehicle. "Who taught you to drive?".

Automate, Automatise, Automatize : خود کار بنا دینا : make automatic or control or operate automatically. "Automate this toy".

Carry On, Conduct, Deal : چلانا : direct the course of; manage or control. "You cannot conduct business like this".

Draw Rein, Harness, Rein, Rein In : لگام سنبھالنا : control and direct with or as if by reins. "Rein in your pet".

Actual Possession : حقیقی قبضہ : (law) immediate and direct physical control over property.

Unwieldiness : بھاری پن : the quality of being difficult to direct or control by reason of complexity. "Avoiding the unwieldiness of formal legal processes".

Computerise, Computerize, Cybernate : کمپیوٹر سے کنٹرول کرنا : control a function, process, or creation by a computer. "They computerized the car industry".

Sundial : ساعت شمسی : timepiece that indicates the daylight hours by the shadow that the gnomon casts on a calibrated dial.

Business News : کاروباری خبر : news about businesses and investments. "Business news channel".

Agency : تجارتی ادارہ : a business that serves other businesses.

Business Community, Businessmen : کاروباری طبقہ : the body of individuals who manage businesses.

Emancipation : رہائی : freeing someone from the control of another; especially a parent's relinquishing authority and control over a minor child.

Malfunction, Misfunction : خرابی : fail to function or function improperly. "The coffee maker malfunctioned".

Thrower : پھینکنے والا : someone who projects something (especially by a rapid motion of the arm).

Ice Shelf, Shelf Ice : ساحلی برف : ice that is attached to land but projects out to sea.

Bulge, Bump, Excrescence, Extrusion, Gibbosity, Gibbousness, Hump, Jut, Prominence, Protrusion, Protuberance, Swelling : ابھار : something that bulges out or is protuberant or projects from its surroundings. "The gun in his pocket made an obvious bulge".

Ventriloquist : جوف صوتی کا ماہر : a performer who projects the voice into a wooden dummy.

Mount, Mountain : پہاڑ : a land mass that projects well above its surroundings; higher than a hill. "Mountain of Naran".

Enterprising : جدت پسند : marked by imagination, initiative, and readiness to undertake new projects. "An enterprising foreign policy".

Aviate, Fly, Pilot : طیارہ اڑانا : operate an airplane. "The pilot flew to Cuba".

Roman Candle : آتش بازی : a cylindrical firework that projects a series of colored balls of fire.

Typist : ٹائپ مشین پر کام کرنے والا : someone paid to operate a typewriter.

Set : ٹھیک کرنا : set to a certain position or cause to operate correctly. "Set clocks or instruments".

Airplane Pilot, Pilot : پائلٹ : someone who is licensed to operate an aircraft in flight. "Indian pilot captured".

Combat Area, Combat Zone : جنگی علاقہ : a military area where combat forces operate.

Coin-Operated : سکے سے چلنے والی مشین : of devices that do not operate without the prior insertion of one or more coins. "A coin-operated telephone".

Concession, Grant : مراعات : a contract granting the right to operate a subsidiary business. "He got the beer concession at the ball park".

Retard : سست ہونا : cause to move more slowly or operate at a slower rate. "This drug will retard your heart rate".

Electronic : برقیات سے متعلق : of or relating to electronics; concerned with or using devices that operate on principles governing the behavior of electrons. "Electronic devices".

Segway, Segway Ht, Segway Human Transporter : ایک آدمی کے چلانے کی دو پہیوں والی ایک قسم کی سائیکل : (trademark) a self-balancing personal transportation device with two wheels; can operate in any level pedestrian environment.

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