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Optimistic meaning in Urdu

Optimistic Sentence

In an optimistic mood.

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Optimistic in Detail

1 of 2) Optimistic : امید پرستانہ : (adjective) expecting the best in this best of all possible worlds.

Optimistic plans.
Took an optimistic view.

Related : Hopeful : having or manifesting hope. Bullish : expecting a rise in prices. Positive : characterized by or displaying affirmation or acceptance or certainty etc..

2 of 2) Optimistic, Affirmative : اچھی توقع, اچھی امید : (satellite adjective) expecting the best.

Related : Positive : characterized by or displaying affirmation or acceptance or certainty etc..

Useful Words

Demoralised, Demoralized, Discouraged, Disheartened : دل شکستہ : made less hopeful or enthusiastic. "Desperate demoralized people looking for work".

Hopefully : پر امیدی سے : with hope; in a hopeful manner. "We searched hopefully for a good position".

Constructive : تعمیری : emphasizing what is laudable or hopeful or to the good. "Do something constructive".

Hope : آس : a specific instance of feeling hopeful. "He is hoping".

Yes : ہاں : an affirmative. "Yes! so what ?".

Affirmatively : مثبت طریقے سے : in an affirmative manner.

Optimistically : رجائیت پسندی سے : with optimism; in an optimistic manner. "`We have a good chance of winning,' he exclaimed optimistically".

Happy, Glad, Cheerful : خوش مزاج : noticeably happy and optimistic,pleasant.. "Don`t give up and keep trying to get married One day you will get married and you will be glad that you didn`t give up".

Hope : پر امید ہونا : be optimistic; be full of hope; have hopes. "I am still hoping that all will turn out well".

Rh, Rh Factor, Rhesus Factor : خون کے ذرات میں پیدا ہونے والے ذرات جو آر ایچ مثبت یا منفی ہوتے ہیں : a blood group antigen possessed by Rh-positive people; if an Rh-negative person receives a blood transfusion from an Rh-positive person it can result in hemolysis and anemia. "Rh factor test".

Accept, Consent, Go For : ماننا : give an affirmative reply to; respond favorably to. "I cannot accept your invitation".

Authoritarian, Dictatorial, Overbearing : تحکم پسند : expecting unquestioning obedience. "The timid child of authoritarian parents".

Bullish : نرخ بڑھنے کی توقع : expecting a rise in prices.

Litotes, Meiosis : کسی چیز کی اہمیت کم کر کے پیش کرنا : understatement for rhetorical effect (especially when expressing an affirmative by negating its contrary). "Saying `I was not a little upset' when you mean `I was very upset' is an example of litotes".

Wait, Waiting : انتظار : the act of waiting (remaining inactive in one place while expecting something). "How long I would have waited for you ?".

Scout, Talent Scout : وہ شخص جو اس لئے ملازمت پر رکھا گیا ہو کے وہ دوسروں کی صلاحیت دریافت کرسکے : someone employed to discover and recruit talented persons (especially in the worlds of entertainment or sports).

Anas Acuta, Pin-Tailed Duck, Pintail : شمالی امریکی دلدل کی ایک مرغابی جو پانی کی سطح سے خوراک حاصل کرتی ہے : long-necked river duck of the Old and New Worlds having elongated central tail feathers.

Advance, Come Along, Come On, Get Along, Get On, Progress, Shape Up : ترقی کرنا : develop in a positive way. "He progressed well in school".

Incentive, Inducement, Motivator : ترغیب : a positive motivational influence.

Affection, Affectionateness, Fondness, Heart, Philia, Tenderness, Warmheartedness, Warmness : رغبت : a positive feeling of liking. "He had trouble expressing the affection he felt".

Invaluableness, Preciousness, Pricelessness, Valuableness : انمول پن : the positive quality of being precious and beyond value.

Tout : پرزور تشہیر کرنا : advertize in strongly positive terms. "This product was touted as a revolutionary invention".

Integer, Whole Number : عدد صحیح : any of the natural numbers (positive or negative) or zero. "An integer is a number that is not a fraction".

Best : بہترین : (superlative of `good') having the most positive qualities. "The best film of the year".

Love : پیار : a strong positive emotion of regard and affection. "Have you ever fallen in love with someone?".

Good : اچھی : having desirable or positive qualities especially those suitable for a thing specified. "Good news from the hospital".

Avidity, Avidness, Eagerness, Keenness : تمنا : a positive feeling of wanting to push ahead with something.

Defeatist, Negativist : منفی سوچ والا : someone who is resigned to defeat without offering positive suggestions. "I don`t like defeatists".

Differentiate, Distinguish, Mark : ممتاز کرنا : be a distinctive feature, attribute, or trait; sometimes in a very positive sense. "His modesty distinguishes him from his peers".

Zero, Zero Point : نقطہ صفر : the point on a scale from which positive or negative numerical quantities can be measured.

Negative : منفی : characterized by or displaying negation or denial or opposition or resistance; having no positive features. "A negative outlook on life".

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