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Oratorio   Meaning in Urdu

1. Oratorio - Cantata : مذہبی اوپیرہ : (noun) a musical composition for voices and orchestra based on a religious text.

Classical, Classical Music, Serious Music - traditional genre of music conforming to an established form and appealing to critical interest and developed musical taste.

Useful Words

Composing - Composition : ترتیب : the spatial property resulting from the arrangement of parts in relation to each other and to the whole. "Harmonious composition is essential in a serious work of art"

Musical : موسیقی والا : characterized by or capable of producing music. "A musical evening"

Orchestra : موسیقی بجانے والوں کا گروہ : a musical organization consisting of a group of instrumentalists including string players. "These boys are members of orchestra"

Text - Textual Matter : لکھائی : the words of something written. "But he texts me"

Phonation - Vocalisation - Vocalism - Vocalization - Voice - Vox : آواز : the sound made by the vibration of vocal folds modified by the resonance of the vocal tract. "We did not have any noise"