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Outgrowth meaning in Urdu

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1 of 2) Outgrowth, Branch, Offset, Offshoot : شاخ, ٹہنی, شاخسانہ : (noun) a natural consequence of development.

2 of 2) Outgrowth, Emergence, Growth : برآمدگی : (noun) the gradual beginning or coming forth.

Useful Words

Osteophyte : ہڈی کا ابھار , Aculea : کیڑوں کے پر کی خرابی , Pollution : آلودگی , Dental Medicine : طب الاسنان , Nephrology : علم گروہ , Embryology : جنینیات کا علم , Teratology : اعجوبیات کا علم , Chemical Science : علم کیمیا , Offset Lithography : آفسٹ چھپائی , Photo-Offset : تصویر کو چھاپنا , Hedge : معاشی استحکام کا طریقہ , Homeostasis : خود کار حیاتیاتی نظام , Branchlet : ٹہنی , Brachiation : بازووٴں کے سہارے شاخوں پر جہولنا , Consequently : نتیجتاً , Accompanying : نتیجتاً , Dilatoriness : سستی , Result : نتیجہ نکلنا , Strangeness : ناواقفیت , Serious : سنجیدہ , Entail : منطقی انجام ہونا , Bring : لانا , Impermissibility : ممانعت , Convention : روایت پرستی , Inadmissibility : ناقابل , Explicitness : صراحت , Corollary : منطقی نتیجہ , Acute : تشویشناک حد تک , Continuation : کھنچاو , Perspicuity : صراحت , Harvest : نتیجہ

Useful Words Definitions

Osteophyte: small abnormal bony outgrowth.

Aculea: small spiny outgrowth on the wings of certain insects.

Pollution: undesirable state of the natural environment being contaminated with harmful substances as a consequence of human activities.

Dental Medicine: the branch of medicine dealing with the anatomy and development and diseases of the teeth.

Nephrology: the branch of medicine concerned with the kidney - its development and anatomy and physiology and disorders.

Embryology: the branch of biology that studies the formation and early development of living organisms.

Teratology: the branch of biology concerned with the development of malformations or serious deviations from the normal type of organism.

Chemical Science: the science of matter; the branch of the natural sciences dealing with the composition of substances and their properties and reactions.

Offset Lithography: offset printing by lithography.

Photo-Offset: a method of offset printing using photomechanical plates.

Hedge: any technique designed to reduce or eliminate financial risk; for example, taking two positions that will offset each other if prices change.

Homeostasis: (physiology) metabolic equilibrium actively maintained by several complex biological mechanisms that operate via the autonomic nervous system to offset disrupting changes.

Branchlet: a small branch or division of a branch (especially a terminal division); usually applied to branches of the current or preceding year.

Brachiation: swinging by the arms from branch to branch.

Consequently: as a consequence.

Accompanying: following or accompanying as a consequence.

Dilatoriness: slowness as a consequence of not getting around to it.

Result: come about or follow as a consequence.

Strangeness: unusualness as a consequence of not being well known.

Serious: of great consequence.

Entail: have as a logical consequence.

Bring: cause to happen or to occur as a consequence.

Impermissibility: inadmissibility as a consequence of not being permitted.

Convention: orthodoxy as a consequence of being conventional.

Inadmissibility: unacceptability as a consequence of not being admissible.

Explicitness: clarity as a consequence of being explicit.

Corollary: a practical consequence that follows naturally.

Acute: of critical importance and consequence.

Continuation: the consequence of being lengthened in duration.

Perspicuity: clarity as a consequence of being perspicuous.

Harvest: the consequence of an effort or activity.

Related Words

Beginning : آغاز , Rise : بڑھنا , Consequence : اثر

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