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Outmoded meaning in Urdu

Outmoded Sentence

Demode (or outmoded) attire.

Outmoded Synonyms

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Outmoded in Detail

1) Outmoded, Antique, Demode, Ex, Old-Fashioned, Old-Hat, Passe, Passee : دقیانوسی, پرانی طرز کا : (satellite adjective) out of fashion.

Outmoded ideas.

Related : Unstylish : not in accord with or not following current fashion.

Useful Words

Fashion, Manner, Mode, Style, Way : طور طریقہ : how something is done or how it happens. "If you want to achieve success in life so change your mode from begging mode to fully aware mode like auto-pilot, start doing things that you`re already doing in slightly different ways such as look for business ideas through the internet instead of asking people".

Out : دور : away from home. "Get out from there".

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