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Outspoken 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Outspoken Sentences

It is possible to be outspoken without being rude.
Outspoken in their opposition to segregation.

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Outspoken in Detail

1/2) Saaf Baat Karnay Wala صاف بات کرنے والا Saaf Go صاف گو ; Vocal Outspoken : given to expressing yourself freely or insistently.

Related : Communicatory : able or tending to communicate.


2/2) Khullam Khulla کھلم کھلا Saaf Saaf صاف صاف Do Tok دو ٹوک ; Blunt Candid Forthright Frank Free-Spoken Plainspoken Point-Blank Straight-From-The-Shoulder Outspoken : characterized by directness in manner or speech; without subtlety or evasion.

Related : Direct : straightforward in means or manner or behavior or language or action.

Useful Words

Candidness Candor Candour Directness Forthrightness Frankness : Khuloos خلوص : the quality of being honest and straightforward in attitude and speech.

Equivocation Evasion : Taal Matol Karna ٹال مٹول کرنا : a statement that is not literally false but that cleverly avoids an unpleasant truth.

Freely : Azadana Tor Se آزادانہ طور سے : in a free manner. "The painting featured freely brushed strokes"

Given Precondition Presumption : Mafruza مفروضہ : an assumption that is taken for granted.

Manner Personal Manner : Dhang ڈھنگ : a way of acting or behaving. "They don`t have manners to speak ?"

Address Speech : Khitab خطاب : the act of delivering a formal spoken communication to an audience. "He listened to an address on minor Roman poets"

Nicety Nuance Refinement Shade Subtlety : Matlab مطلب : a subtle difference in meaning or opinion or attitude. "Because he is a judge he notices every nuance of statement given in court"

Ourselves Ourself Myself Himself Herself Oneself Themself Yourself Themselves : Apna اپنا : Used as a reflexive. "God help those who help themselves"

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