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Outwear meaning in Urdu

Outwear Sentence

This material outwears all others.

Outwear Synonyms


Outwear Definitions

1 of 2) Outwear : زیادہ چلنے والا : (verb) last longer than others.

2 of 2) Outwear, Fag, Fag Out, Fatigue, Jade, Tire, Tire Out, Wear, Wear Down, Wear Out, Wear Upon, Weary : تھک جانا, تھکا دینا : (verb) exhaust or get tired through overuse or great strain or stress.

Useful Words

Break Down : کمزوری سے گر جانا , Hardy : سخت جان , Oscitance : جمائی , Jet Lag : فضائی سفروں سے پیدا ہونے والی تھکان , Disused : خارج , Dead Person : مرحوم , Outlast : زیادہ دیر تک جینا , Out Of Sight : جو نظر سے باہر ہوگیا ہو , Defunctness : معدومی , Back-Number : جو شخص مشہور نہ ہوا ہو , Lengthen : لمبا کرنا , Stretch : پھیل جانا , Detached : الگ کیا ہوا , Draw Out : کو طول دینا , Out-Of-Date : پرانا , Dead : مردہ , Extinction : فنا , Off : الگ کرنا , Decertify : توثیق واپس لینا , Addled : خراب , Oversleep : بسیار خوابی کرنا , Aeonian : قدیم , Latin Cross : لاطینی صلیب , Cancelled : منسوخ شدہ , Pennant : جھنڈی , Exanimate : مردہ , Cold : پرانا , Elbow Bone : زند اسفل , Plush : ایک قسم کا روئیں دار کپڑا , Retired : فارغ خدمت , Recap : خلاصہ

Useful Words Definitions

Break Down: collapse due to fatigue, an illness, or a sudden attack.

Hardy: having rugged physical strength; inured to fatigue or hardships.

Oscitance: an involuntary intake of breath through a wide open mouth; usually triggered by fatigue or boredom.

Jet Lag: fatigue and sleep disturbance resulting from disruption of the body's normal circadian rhythm as a result of jet travel.

Disused: no longer in use.

Dead Person: someone who is no longer alive.

Outlast: live longer than.

Out Of Sight: no longer visible.

Defunctness: no longer in existence.

Back-Number: someone who is no longer popular.

Lengthen: make longer.

Stretch: become longer by being stretched and pulled.

Detached: no longer connected or joined.

Draw Out: lengthen in time; cause to be or last longer.

Out-Of-Date: old; no longer valid or fashionable.

Dead: people who are no longer living.

Extinction: no longer active; extinguished.

Off: no longer on or in contact or attached.

Decertify: cause to be no longer approved or accepted.

Addled: (of eggs) no longer edible.

Oversleep: sleep longer than intended.

Aeonian: of or relating to a geological eon (longer than an era).

Latin Cross: a cross with the lowest arm being longer than the others.

Cancelled: (of events) no longer planned or scheduled.

Pennant: a flag longer than it is wide (and often tapering).

Exanimate: deprived of life; no longer living.

Cold: lacking originality or spontaneity; no longer new.

Elbow Bone: the inner and longer of the two bones of the human forearm.

Plush: a fabric with a nap that is longer and softer than velvet.

Retired: no longer active in your work or profession.

Recap: a summary at the end that repeats the substance of a longer discussion.

Related Words

Beat : کسی چیز سے تنگ ہوجانا , Overfatigue : حد سے زیادہ تھکن , Fatigue : تنگ آجانا , Exceed : پیچھے چھوڑ دینا