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1 of 4) Package, Bundle, Packet, Parcel : بنڈل, پیک : (noun) a collection of things wrapped or boxed together.

Related : Collection : several things grouped together or considered as a whole. Wisp : a small bundle of straw or hay.


2 of 4) Package, Box : ڈبے میں ڈالنا : (verb) put into a box.

Related : Incase : enclose in, or as if in, a case.

3 of 4) Package, Parcel : ڈبہ : (noun) a wrapped container.

Related : Sheaf : a package of several things tied together for carrying or storing. Container : any object that can be used to hold things (especially a large metal boxlike object of standardized dimensions that can be loaded from one form of transport to another). Packet : a small package or bundle.

4 of 4) Package, Computer Software, Software, Software Package, Software Program, Software System : کمپیوٹر سوفٹ وئر : (noun) (computer science) written programs or procedures or rules and associated documentation pertaining to the operation of a computer system and that are stored in read/write memory.

Related : Computing : the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures. Computer Code : (computer science) the symbolic arrangement of data or instructions in a computer program or the set of such instructions. Compatible Software : software that can run on different computers without modification.

Useful Words

Packet : ایک چھوٹا پارسل : a small package or bundle.

Bundle, Sheaf : چیزوں کا پلندا : a package of several things tied together for carrying or storing.

Treasure : جمع کردہ مال : a collection of precious things. "The trunk held all her meager treasures".

Assortment, Miscellanea, Miscellany, Mixed Bag, Mixture, Motley, Potpourri, Salmagundi, Smorgasbord, Variety : کئی طرح کے : a collection containing a variety of sorts of things. "I have brought you a variety of chocolates from London".

Crop : اجتماع : a collection of people or things appearing together. "The annual crop of students brings a new crop of ideas".

Category, Class, Family : گروہ : a collection of things sharing a common attribute. "There are two classes of detergents".

Exhibition, Expo, Exposition : مصنوعات اور فن وغیرہ کی تشہیر : a collection of things (goods or works of art etc.) for public display.

Mass : انبار : an ill-structured collection of similar things (objects or people).

Combination : ملاپ : a collection of things that have been combined; an assemblage of separate parts or qualities.

Connectedness, Connection, Connexion : تعلق : a relation between things or events (as in the case of one causing the other or sharing features with it). "There was a connection between eating that pickle and having that nightmare".

Gprs : جنرل پیکیٹ ریڈیو سروس : General packet radio service. "Many cellular companies offer GPRS service in Pakistan".

Complementary, Complementary Color : تکمیلی رنگ : either one of two chromatic colors that when mixed together give white (in the case of lights) or grey (in the case of pigments). "Yellow and blue are complementaries".

Containerise, Containerize : کنٹینر : package in a container. "The cargo was containerized for safe and efficient shipping".

Included : شامل : enclosed in the same envelope or package. "The included check".

Envelope : لفافہ : a flat (usually rectangular) container for a letter, thin package, etc..

Postage, Postage Stamp, Stamp : ڈاک ٹکٹ : a small adhesive token stuck on a letter or package to indicate that that postal fees have been paid.

Wisp : تنکوں یا گھاس کا چھوٹا سا گٹھا : a small bundle of straw or hay.

Heraclitus : یونانی فلسفی : a presocratic Greek philosopher who said that fire is the origin of all things and that permanence is an illusion as all things are in perpetual flux (circa 500 BC).

Bale : گٹھا : a large bundle bound for storage or transport.

Parcel : پیک کرنا : make into a wrapped container.

Buildup : تیاری : the act of building up an accumulation. "I envied his rapid buildup of assets".

Commissure : رگوں کا ملاپ : a bundle of nerve fibers passing from one side to the other of the brain or spinal cord.

Wrap, Wrapper, Wrapping : لفافہ : the covering (usually paper or cellophane) in which something is wrapped.

Cerement, Pall, Shroud, Winding-Clothes, Winding-Sheet : کفن : burial garment in which a corpse is wrapped. "He was buried in a white cotton shroud".

Rouleau : کاغذوں میں لپٹے ہوئے سکوں کا بیلن نما بٹوا : a roll of coins wrapped in paper.

Broom : جھاڑو : a cleaning implement for sweeping; bundle of straws or twigs attached to a long handle. "Mirza clutched the broom".

Hypostasis : جسم کے کسی حصے میں خون کا جمع ہونا : the accumulation of blood in an organ.

Sedimentary : قدرتی : resembling or containing or formed by the accumulation of sediment. "Sedimentary deposits".

Dumpling : حلوہ : dessert made by baking fruit wrapped in pastry.

Egg Roll, Spring Roll : انڈے والا رول : minced vegetables and meat wrapped in a pancake and fried. "Have egg roll".

Hydronephrosis : رکے ہوئے پیشاب کی وجہ سے گردے پیلوس کا پھیلاو : accumulation of urine in the kidney because of an obstruction in the ureter. "Hydronephrosis ultrasound".

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