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Palpitate meaning in Urdu

Palpitate Sentences

His heart palpitated.
Her violent feelings palpitated the young woman's heart.

Palpitate Synonyms


Palpitate Definitions

1 of 3) Palpitate : دل کا دھک دھک کرنا : (verb) cause to throb or beat rapidly.

2 of 3) Palpitate, Quake, Quiver : تھرتھرانا, ہلنا : (verb) shake with fast, tremulous movements.

His nostrils palpitated.

3 of 3) Palpitate, Flutter : دھک دھک کرنا : (verb) beat rapidly.

Useful Words

Flick : پھڑپھڑانا , Australian Crawl : تیراکی , Beat : چکما دینا , Whang : طاقت سے مارنا , Cane : کوڑے مارنا , Pistol-Whip : پستول سے ضربیں لگانا , Hammer : ہتھوڑی مارنا , Whomp : مارنا , Walk Over : آسانی سے شکست دینا , Flog : ڈنڈے سے مارنا , Buff : مسلسل لگنا , Bastinado : پیروں کے تلووں پر مارنا , Thrash : دانے نکالنا , Bat : بری طرح ہرانا , Flail : زود و کوب کرنا , Palpitation : دل کی دھڑکن , Beat : دھڑکن , Beat : غیر مقلد , Valse : ایک قسم کا ناچ , Break Away : بھاگ نکلنا , Gallop : گہوڑے جیسا دوڑنا , Spin : جلدی جلدی گھمانے کا عمل , Soar : تیزی سے اٹھنا , Proliferate : پیدا کرنا , Fell : گزرنا , Wave : کوئی چیز جو تیزی سے اوپر چڑھے , Quick : تیز , Acute Leukemia : خون کا سرطان , Flicker : ٹمٹمانا , Ball Of Fire : تیزی سے ترقی کرنے والا شخص , Proliferate : تیزی سے پھیلنا

Useful Words Definitions

Flick: twitch or flutter.

Australian Crawl: a swimming stroke; arms are moved alternately overhead accompanied by a flutter kick.

Beat: beat through cleverness and wit.

Whang: beat with force.

Cane: beat with a cane.

Pistol-Whip: beat with a pistol.

Hammer: beat with or as if with a hammer.

Whomp: beat overwhelmingly.

Walk Over: beat easily.

Flog: beat severely with a whip or rod.

Buff: strike, beat repeatedly.

Bastinado: beat somebody on the soles of the feet.

Thrash: beat the seeds out of a grain.

Bat: beat thoroughly and conclusively in a competition or fight.

Flail: give a thrashing to; beat hard.

Palpitation: a rapid and irregular heart beat.

Beat: the rhythmic contraction and expansion of the arteries with each beat of the heart.

Beat: a member of the beat generation; a nonconformist in dress and behavior.

Valse: a ballroom dance in triple time with a strong accent on the first beat.

Break Away: escape hastily, make a rapid getaway, or beat a hasty retreat.

Gallop: a fast gait of a horse; a two-beat stride during which all four legs are off the ground simultaneously.

Spin: the act of rotating rapidly.

Soar: rise rapidly.

Proliferate: grow rapidly.

Fell: pass away rapidly.

Wave: something that rises rapidly.

Quick: accomplished rapidly and without delay.

Acute Leukemia: rapidly progressing leukemia.

Flicker: move back and forth very rapidly.

Ball Of Fire: someone whose career progresses rapidly.

Proliferate: cause to grow or increase rapidly.

Related Words

Agitate : ہلانا