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Papers meaning in Urdu

Papers Synonyms

Papers Definitions

1) Papers, Document, Written Document : تحریری دستاویز : (noun) writing that provides information (especially information of an official nature).


Useful Words

Dossier : کسی شخص کے بارے میں مفصل معلومات لیے ہوۓ دستاویزات کا مجموعہ , Source : ماخذ , Work Papers : ملازمت نامہ , Record : ریکارڈ , Clipboard : لکھنے کے لیے چھوٹا تختہ , Hereto : اس متن میں , Title Page : کتاب کا پہلا صفحہ , Licence : کسی کام کو کرنے کی تحریری اجازت دینا , Authorisation : اختیار نامہ , Impeachment : مواخذہ , Report : تحقیقی دستاویز , Written Account : تحریری دستاویز , Living Will : زندہ وصیت , Informational : معلوماتی , Wall-Paperer : دیوار کو کاغذ سے سجانے والا , Redeem : رقم میں تبدیل کرانا , Access : میموری تک رسائی , Cognise : معلوم ہونا , Classified : خفیہ , Book Louse : کتابی کیڑا , File : دراز , Billfold : بٹوا , Staple : کاغذ سینے کا تار , Portfolio : بستہ نما , Casebook : کتاب المرضی , Drawing Pin : کیل بٹن , Amanuensis : کاتب , Signatory : دستخط کرنے والا , Registration : اندراج کی دستاویز , Herein : اس کے اندر , Roll : گول کر کے رکھی ہوئی کوئی تحریر یا دستاویز

Useful Words Definitions

Dossier: a collection of papers containing detailed information about a particular person or subject (usually a person`s record).

Source: a document (or organization) from which information is obtained.

Work Papers: a legal document giving information required for employment of certain people in certain countries.

Record: anything (such as a document or a phonograph record or a photograph) providing permanent evidence of or information about past events.

Clipboard: a small writing board with a clip at the top for holding papers.

Hereto: to this writing or document.

Title Page: a title page is the front page of a document, book, or report that displays the title, subtitle, author`s name, and other relevant information. It often includes the title in a large, prominent font.

Licence: a legal document giving official permission to do something.

Authorisation: a document giving an official instruction or command.

Impeachment: a formal document charging a public official with misconduct in office.

Report: a written document describing the findings of some individual or group.

Written Account: a written document preserving knowledge of facts or events.

Living Will: a document written by someone still legally capable requesting that he should be allowed to die if subsequently severely disabled or suffering terminal illness.

Informational: relating to or having the nature of information.

Wall-Paperer: a worker who papers walls.

Redeem: convert into cash; of commercial papers.

Access: (computer science) the operation of reading or writing stored information.

Cognise: be cognizant or aware of a fact or a specific piece of information; possess knowledge or information about.

Classified: official classification of information or documents; withheld from general circulation.

Book Louse: minute wingless psocopterous insects injurious to books and papers.

File: office furniture consisting of a container for keeping papers in order.

Billfold: a pocket-size case for holding papers and paper money.

Staple: paper fastener consisting of a short length of U-shaped wire that can fasten papers together.

Portfolio: a large, flat, thin case for carrying loose papers or drawings or maps; usually leather.

Casebook: a book in which detailed written records of a case are kept and which are a source of information for subsequent work.

Drawing Pin: a tack for attaching papers to a bulletin board or drawing board.

Amanuensis: a skilled professional trained in shorthand writing and typing, specializing in the transcription of speech, particularly dictation. Stenographers are often employed to create accurate written records of spoken or recorded communication, commonly in legal or official settings.

Signatory: someone who signs and is bound by a document.

Registration: a document certifying an act of registering.

Herein: in this place or thing or document.

Roll: a document that can be rolled up (as for storage).

Related Words

Article : شق , Preamble : مقدمہ , Ballot : رائے پرچی , Certificate : تصدیق نامہ , Charter : منشور

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