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Papist meaning in Urdu

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Papist Definitions

1) Papist, Papistic, Papistical, Popish, R.C., Roman, Roman Catholic, Romanist, Romish : رومن کیتھولک : (adjective) of or relating to or supporting Romanism.

Useful Words

Islamic : اسلامی , Hindi : ہندو , Catholic : کیتہولک عیسائیت کا , Kneel : گھٹنے کو جھکانا , Framework : سہارا دینے والا ڈھانچہ , Comburant : آتش گیر , Bear : لے کر چلنا , Auxiliary : ذیلی , Pro-American : امریکا کا حامی , Right-Wing : قدامت پسند , Handstand : سر کے بل کھڑا ہونا , Trestle : قینچی دار گہوڑی , Omentum : پیٹ کا پردہ , Mast : بادبانوں کو سہارا دینے والا ستون , Centrist : اعتدال پسند , Assertion : دعوی , Caryatid : مجسمہ نما ستون , Torero : سانڈ کا مقابلہ کرنے والا , Carry : ایک جگہ سے دوسری جگہ لے جانا , Tent Peg : ٹینٹ لگانے کی بڑی کیل , Enclosure : کاغذات وغیرہ لفافے میں بند کرنا , Abacus : چوکھٹا , Rigging : بادبان وغیرہ کے رسے , Trivet : تین پایوں والی چوکی , Pillow Block : فولاد کا ایک بلاک , Tilth : کاشت کاری , Clericalism : مذہبیت , Collapsible Shelter : خیمہ , Calyx : مسند گل , Hip : پیڑو , Strangler : گلا گہونٹ دینے والا

Useful Words Definitions

Islamic: of or relating to or supporting Islamism.

Hindi: of or relating to or supporting Hinduism.

Catholic: of or relating to or supporting Catholicism.

Kneel: supporting yourself on your knees.

Framework: a structure supporting or containing something.

Comburant: supporting combustion.

Bear: move while holding up or supporting.

Auxiliary: functioning in a supporting capacity.

Pro-American: supporting the United States and its policies.

Right-Wing: believing in or supporting tenets of the political right.

Handstand: the act of supporting yourself by your hands alone in an upside down position.

Trestle: a supporting tower used to support a bridge.

Omentum: a fold of peritoneum supporting the viscera.

Mast: a vertical spar for supporting sails.

Centrist: supporting or pursuing a course of action that is neither liberal nor conservative.

Assertion: a declaration that is made emphatically (as if no supporting evidence were necessary).

Caryatid: a supporting column carved in the shape of a person.

Torero: a matador or one of the supporting team during a bull fight.

Carry: move while supporting, either in a vehicle or in one`s hands or on one`s body.

Tent Peg: a peg driven into the ground to hold a rope supporting a tent.

Enclosure: something (usually a supporting document) that is enclosed in an envelope with a covering letter.

Abacus: a tablet placed horizontally on top of the capital of a column as an aid in supporting the architrave.

Rigging: gear consisting of ropes etc. supporting a ship's masts and sails.

Trivet: a three-legged metal stand for supporting a cooking vessel in a hearth.

Pillow Block: a cast-iron or steel block for supporting a journal or bearing.

Tilth: the state of aggregation of soil and its condition for supporting plant growth.

Clericalism: a policy of supporting the influence and power of the clergy in secular or political matters.

Collapsible Shelter: a portable shelter (usually of canvas stretched over supporting poles and fastened to the ground with ropes and pegs).

Calyx: (botany) the whorl of sepals of a flower collectively forming the outer floral envelope or layer of the perianth enclosing and supporting the developing bud; usually green.

Hip: the structure of the vertebrate skeleton supporting the lower limbs in humans and the hind limbs or corresponding parts in other vertebrates.

Strangler: an epiphytic vine or tree whose aerial roots extend down the trunk of a supporting tree and coalesce around it eventually strangling the tree.

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