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پَرے : Paray Meaning in English

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Paray in Detail

1 of 2) پرے : Away Forth Off : (adverb) from a particular thing or place or position (`forth` is obsolete).


2 of 2) پرے آگے : Yon Yonder : (satellite adjective) distant but within sight (`yon` is dialectal).

Related : Distant : separated in space or coming from or going to a distance.

Useful Words

وہاں : Yon, Yonder : at or in an indicated (usually distant) place (`yon' is archaic and dialectal). "The house yonder".

تبادلہ : Shift, Switch, Switching : the act of changing one thing or position for another. "His switch on abortion cost him the election".

کھڑے ہونے کی جگہ : Stand : the position where a thing or person stands.

اس جگہ میں : In That, In This, Therein : (formal) in or into that thing or place. "They can read therein what our plans are".

اس کے اندر : Herein : in this place or thing or document. "I shall discuss the question herein".

غلط جگہ رکھنا : Misplace : place or position wrongly; put in the wrong position. "Misplaced modifiers".

تبادلہ : Commutation, Exchange, Substitution : the act of putting one thing or person in the place of another:. "He sent Smith in for Jones but the substitution came too late to help".

قائم مقام : Replacement, Substitute : a person or thing that takes or can take the place of another.

کہیں جانا : Visit : the act of going to see some person or place or thing for a short time. "He dropped by for a visit".

کسی جگہ کی نشان دہی کرنا : Designate, Indicate, Point, Show : indicate a place, direction, person, or thing; either spatially or figuratively. "I showed the customer the glove section".

مزار : Shrine : a place hallowed by association with some sacred thing or person.

کافی پہلے : Lang Syne, Long Ago, Long Since : of the distant or comparatively distant past. "We met once long ago".

کہاں : Where : In or to what place or position . "Where do I go now?".

کسی جگہ رکھنا : Emplace : put into place or position. "The box with the ancestors' ashes was emplaced on the top shelf of the house altar".

ایک جگہ سے دوسری جگہ رکھنا : Replace, Supercede, Supersede, Supervene Upon, Supplant : take the place or move into the position of. "Smith supplanted Miller as CEO after Miller left".

بالا تر : Upper : higher in place or position. "The upper bunk".

ہٹانا : Winkle Out : force from a place or position. "The committee winkled out the unqualified candidates".

بے محل : Misplaced : put in the wrong place or position. "She was penalized for a spelling mistake or a misplaced accent".

باہر جانا : Outgoing : leaving a place or a position. "An outgoing steamship".

رہنا : Continue, Remain, Stay, Stay On : continue in a place, position, or situation. "You are mine, will remain mine".

کسی مناسب جگہ پر رکھنا : Place Down, Put Down, Set Down : cause to sit or seat or be in a settled position or place. "Put down".

پھنسانا : Pin Down, Trap : place in a confining or embarrassing position. "You want to trap me".

دور : Apart : separated or at a distance in place or position or time. "These towns are many miles apart".

جاری رکھنا : Continue, Keep, Keep On, Retain : allow to remain in a place or position or maintain a property or feature. "I kept on insisting".

خفیہ طریقے سے : Back Door, Backdoor : a secret or underhand means of access (to a place or a position). "He got his job through the back door".

چیز کو ایک جگہ سے ہٹانا : Displace, Move : cause to move or shift into a new position or place, both in a concrete and in an abstract sense. "Move those boxes into the corner, please".

متروک ہونا : Obsolescent : becoming obsolete.

کام کرنا ختم کرنا : Superannuate : become obsolete.

کٹا : Curtal : (obsolete) cut short. "A dog with a curtal tail".

کسی چیز کے تبادلے کا عمل : Exchange, Interchange : the act of changing one thing for another thing. "Adam was promised immortality in exchange for his disobedience".

متروک ہونا : Obsolesce : become obsolete, fall into disuse. "This word has not obsolesced, although it is rarely used".

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