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Parlous meaning in Urdu

Parlous Sentence

A parlous journey on stormy seas.

Parlous Synonyms


Parlous Definitions

1) Parlous, Perilous, Precarious, Touch-And-Go : خطر ناک : (satellite adjective) fraught with danger.

Useful Words

Desperate : شدید , Precariously : غیر یقینی طور پر , Precipice : ڈھال , Doubtful : مشکوک , Charged : جذبات سے بھرا , Anxious : گھبرایا ہوا , Chanceful : غیر یقینی , Haptically : چھو کر , Feel : چھو کر اندازہ لگانا , Light-Handed : سبکدست , Stroke : ہاتھ پھیرنے کا عمل , Feel : محسوس کرنا , Tactile : چھونے کی حس سے متعلق , Dab : تھپکی , Handle : ہاتھ سے پکڑنا , Tangible : محسوس ہونے والی , Smoothness : ہمواری , Flick : تھپ تھپانا , Fall : پڑنا , Capstone : عروج , Impalpable : ناقابل احساس , Stroke : ہاتھ پھیرنا , Caress : پیار سے چھونا , Anima : ضمیر , Menace : خطرے کا باعث , Unblinking : بلا ہچکچاہٹ , Cutis : کھال , Chance : جوکھ , Recoverer : کفایت شعار , Shadow : پناہ , Hazardous : خطرناک

Useful Words Definitions

Desperate: fraught with extreme danger; nearly hopeless.

Precariously: in a precarious manner.

Precipice: a steep, often vertical, and potentially perilous cliff or steep slope. It signifies a location where a fall or dangerous descent is imminent, often implying a significant risk.

Doubtful: fraught with uncertainty or doubt.

Charged: fraught with great emotion.

Anxious: causing or fraught with or showing anxiety.

Chanceful: of uncertain outcome; especially fraught with risk.

Haptically: by touch.

Feel: examine by touch.

Light-Handed: having a metaphorically delicate touch.

Stroke: a light touch with the hands.

Feel: a property perceived by touch.

Tactile: producing a sensation of touch.

Dab: a light touch or stroke.

Handle: touch, lift, or hold with the hands.

Tangible: perceptible by the senses especially the sense of touch.

Smoothness: a texture without roughness; smooth to the touch.

Flick: touch or hit with a light, quick blow.

Fall: touch or seem as if touching visually or audibly.

Capstone: a final touch; a crowning achievement; a culmination.

Impalpable: incapable of being perceived by the senses especially the sense of touch.

Stroke: touch lightly and repeatedly, as with brushing motions.

Caress: touch or stroke lightly in a loving or endearing manner.

Anima: (Jungian psychology) the inner self (not the external persona) that is in touch with the unconscious.

Menace: something that is a source of danger.

Unblinking: not shrinking from danger.

Cutis: a natural protective body covering and site of the sense of touch.

Chance: a risk involving danger.

Recoverer: someone who saves something from danger or violence.

Shadow: refuge from danger or observation.

Hazardous: involving risk or danger.

Related Words

Dangerous : خطرناک