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Pastime 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Pastime Sentence

His main pastime is friendship with girls.

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Pastime in Detail

1. تفریح Tafreeh شغل Shugal : Interest Pursuit Pastime : (noun) a diversion that occupies one`s time and thoughts (usually pleasantly).

Sailing is her favorite pastime.

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Useful Words

Diversion Recreation : تفریح Tafreeh : an activity that diverts or amuses or stimulates. "Scuba diving is provided as a diversion for tourists"

Busy Occupy : مصروف کرنا Masroof Karna : keep busy with. "We are coming to your hotel after such a long journey and you are saying that all rooms are occupied"

One : ایک Ek : a single person or thing. "Do I say one thing if you don`t mind ?"

Cheerily Pleasantly Sunnily : خوشی سے Khushi Se : in a cheerful manner. "`I'll do the dishes,' he said pleasantly"

Idea Thought : ارادہ Irada : the content of cognition; the main thing you are thinking about. "Your thoughts would put you in a big trouble one day"

Time : وقت Waqt : a period of time considered as a resource under your control and sufficient to accomplish something. "What time do you get off of work?"

Commonly Normally Ordinarily Unremarkably Usually : عام طور پر Aam Tor Par : under normal conditions. "Usually she was late"

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