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Paternal   Meaning in Urdu

1. Paternal : آبائی - باپ سے متعلق : (adjective) belonging to or inherited from one`s father.

This is our paternal village.
Spent his childhood on the paternal farm.+ More

2. Paternal - Maternal - Parental : مادری - والدين سے متعلق : (adjective) relating to or characteristic of or befitting a parent.

3. Paternal - Agnate - Agnatic : باپ دادا کی طرف سے : related on the father's side.

A paternal aunt.

Useful Words

Befitting : موزوں : appropriate to. "Behavior befitting a father"

Characteristic - Feature : خصوصیت : a prominent attribute or aspect of something. "The map showed roads and other features"

Begetter - Father - Male Parent : ابا : a male parent (also used as a term of address to your father). "My father has been working in this building"

Familial - Genetic - Hereditary - Inherited - Transmissible - Transmitted : خاندانی : occurring among members of a family usually by heredity. "An inherited disease"

One : ایک : a single person or thing. "Do I say one thing if you don`t mind ?"

Bring Up - Nurture - Parent - Raise - Rear : پرورش کرنا : bring up. "Raise a family"

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