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Paternal Aunt meaning in Urdu


Paternal Aunt Sentence

She is too attached to her paternal aunt.

Paternal Aunt Definitions

1) Paternal Aunt : پھپھی : (noun) sister of your father.


Useful Words

Patronym : آبائی لقب , Grandaunt : دادی خالہ , Uncle : چچا , Maternal Uncle : خالو , Cousin : چچا زاد یا ماموں زاد بہن یا بھائی , Paternally : بدرانہ طور پر , Agnation : آبائی , Sister-In-Law : نند , Aunt : خالہ , Gramps : نانا , Female Sibling : ہمشیرہ , Nephew : بھانجا , Sib : سگا بھائی یا بہن , Sisterlike : بہن کا سا , Half Sister : سوتیلی بہن , Niece : بھتیجی , Foster Sister : منہ بولی بہن , Fatherless : بن باپ کے , Great Grandfather : پر دادا , Father-In-Law : دلہا یا دلہن کے والد , Paternity : باپ ہونے کی حقیقت , Parricide : باپ یا ماں کا قاتل , Agnate : باپ دادا کی طرف سے , Granduncle : ماں باپ کے انکل , Agnate : جدی رشتہ دار , Patricide : اپنے باپ کو قتل کرنے والا , Paternal : آبائی , Genitor : والد والدہ , Grandparent : آپ کے ماں باپ کے والدین , Stepmother : سوتیلی ماں , Fatherhood : والدیت

Useful Words Definitions

Patronym: a family name derived from name of your father or a paternal ancestor (especially with an affix (such as -son in English or O'- in Irish) added to the name of your father or a paternal ancestor).

Grandaunt: an aunt of your father or mother.

Uncle: the brother of your father or mother; the husband of your aunt.

Maternal Uncle: Husband of your maternal aunt .

Cousin: the child of your aunt or uncle.

Paternally: in a paternal manner.

Agnation: line of descent traced through the paternal side of the family.

Sister-In-Law: A sister-in-law is the sister of one`s spouse or the wife of one`s sibling. When two individuals get married, their respective siblings become related to each other through the marriage. The term "sister-in-law" is used to refer to the sister of the husband or wife in this context.

Aunt: the sister of your father or mother; the wife of your uncle.

Gramps: the father of your father or mother.

Female Sibling: a person`s sister.

Nephew: a son of your brother or sister.

Sib: a person`s brother or sister.

Sisterlike: like or characteristic of or befitting a sister.

Half Sister: a sister who has only one parent in common with you.

Niece: the daughter of someone`s brother or sister. To clarify, she is the female child of someone`s sibling.

Foster Sister: your foster sister is a female who is not a daughter of your parents but who is raised by your parents.

Fatherless: having no living father.

Great Grandfather: a father of your grandparent.

Father-In-Law: the father of your spouse.

Paternity: the state of being a father.

Parricide: the murder of your own father or mother.

Agnate: related on the father's side.

Granduncle: an uncle of your father or mother.

Agnate: one related on the father's side.

Patricide: a person who murders their father.

Paternal: belonging to or inherited from one`s father.

Genitor: a natural father or mother.

Grandparent: a parent of your father or mother.

Stepmother: the wife of your father by a subsequent marriage.

Fatherhood: the kinship relation between an offspring and the father.

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