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پَٹڑی دار راستہ : Patri Dar Raasta Meaning in English


Patri Dar Raasta in Detail

1) پٹڑی دار راستہ : Aerial Tramway Cable Tramway Ropeway Tram Tramway : (noun) a conveyance that transports passengers or freight in carriers suspended from cables and supported by a series of towers.

Useful Words

سکتہ : Suspended Animation , ٹرام گاڑی کی لائن یا پٹڑی : Streetcar Track , وسیلہ : Conveyance , پارک ٹاور : Park Towers , دستاویز انتقال : Deed , بار برداری کا کرایہ : Freight , ہوائی جہاز سے سامان بھیجنا : Air-Freight , مال گاڑی : Freight Train , سلسلہ وار : Series , سلسلہ وار : In Series , تابکار مادے : Actinide Series , تار : Cable , بردار : Bearer , مسافر : Passenger , ٹاور : Tower , ایک جگہ سے دوسری جگہ لے جانا : Carry

Useful Words Definitions

Suspended Animation: a temporary cessation of vital functions with loss of consciousness resembling death; usually resulting from asphyxia.

Streetcar Track: the track on which trams or streetcars run.

Conveyance: something that serves as a means of transportation.

Park Towers: located on main Shahrah-e-Firdousi, Clifton Karachi.

Deed: a legal document signed and sealed and delivered to effect a transfer of property and to show the legal right to possess it.

Freight: the charge for transporting something by common carrier.

Air-Freight: transport (cargo) by air.

Freight Train: a railroad train consisting of freight cars.

Series: similar things placed in order or happening one after another.

In Series: of or relating to the sequential performance of multiple operations.

Actinide Series: (chemistry) a series of 15 radioactive elements with increasing atomic numbers from actinium to lawrencium.

Cable: a conductor for transmitting electrical or optical signals or electric power.

Bearer: someone whose employment involves carrying something.

Passenger: a traveler riding in a vehicle (a boat or bus or car or plane or train etc) who is not operating it.

Tower: a structure taller than its diameter; can stand alone or be attached to a larger building.

Carry: move while supporting, either in a vehicle or in one`s hands or on one`s body.

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