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Payable meaning in Urdu

Payable Sentences

The problem was to match receivables and payables in the same currency.
A note payable on demand.

Payable Synonyms

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Payable in Detail

1 of 2) Payable, Account Payable : واجب الادا : (noun) a liability account showing how much is owed for goods and services purchased on credit.

Related : Liability : an obligation to pay money to another party.

2 of 2) Payable, Collectable, Collectible : قابل حصول : (satellite adjective) subject to or requiring payment especially as specified.

A check payable to John Doe.

Related : Due : owed and payable immediately or on demand.

Useful Words

Accounts Payable : واجب الادا رقم : a debtor`s accounts of money he owes; normally arise from the purchase of products or services.

Due : واجب الادا رقم : owed and payable immediately or on demand. "Payment is due".

Document : کاغذات : a written account of ownership or obligation.

Debt : ادھار : money or goods or services owed by one person to another.

Balance : بقایا جات : the difference between the totals of the credit and debit sides of an account.

Account, Bill, Invoice : بل : an itemized statement of money owed for goods shipped or services rendered. "Here is your bill".

Undue : جو واجب ادا نہ ہوں : not yet payable. "An undue loan".

Biannual, Biyearly, Half-Yearly, Semiannual : سال میں دو دفہ : occurring or payable twice each year. "Half-yearly income".

Annual, Yearly : سالانہ : occurring or payable every year. "An annual trip to Paris".

Time Bill, Time Draft : ہنڈی جو مقررہ تاریخ تک واجب الادا ہو : a draft payable at a specified future date.

Foreign Bill, Foreign Draft : غیر ملکی ہنڈی : a bill of exchange that is drawn in one country and made payable in another.

Blank Check, Blank Cheque : دستخط شدہ کورا چیک : a check that has been signed but with the amount payable left blank.

Poll Tax : رائے دہی کے لیے لگایا جانے والا محصول : a tax of a fixed amount per person and payable as a requirement for the right to vote.

Dividend Warrant : قسمہ نامہ : an order of payment (such as a check payable to a shareholder) in which a dividend is paid. "Intercontinental Bank records 180,000 unclaimed dividend warrants‎".

Creditor : قرض خواہ : a person to whom money is owed by a debtor; someone to whom an obligation exists.

Money Order, Postal Order : منی آرڈر : a written order for the payment of a sum to a named individual; obtainable and payable at a post office. "I sent a money order".

Accounts Receivable : قابل وصول رقم : a creditor`s accounts of money owed to him; normally arise from the sale of products or services. "Accounts receivable journal entry in accounting software".

Account, Calculate : حساب کرنا : keep an account of. "Give an account to me".

Because Of : وجہ سے : on account of. "I lost my job because of her".

Relate : بیان کرنا : give an account of. "The witness related the events".

Account, News Report, Report, Story, Write Up : مراسلہ : a short account of the news. "The report of his speech".

Recital : بیان : a detailed account or description of something. "He was forced to listen to a recital of his many shortcomings".

Apart, Aside : چھوڑ کر : not taken into account or excluded from consideration. "These problems apart, the country is doing well".

Consider, Count, Weigh : خیال کرنا : show consideration for; take into account. "You must consider her age".

Accountable : ذمہ دار : liable to account for one`s actions. "Cheaters always fake cry when they get caught cheating their wives and held accountable".

Default, Nonpayment, Nonremittal : عدم ادائیگی : act of failing to meet a financial obligation.

Deadbeat, Defaulter : وعدہ نہ پورا کرنے والا : someone who fails to meet a financial obligation. "Defaulter in jail".

Narrate, Recite, Recount, Tell : کسی کہانی وغیرہ کی تفصیل سنانا : narrate or give a detailed account of. "Tell what happened".

Account, Describe, Report : وضاحت پیش کرنا : to give an account or representation of in words. "Discreet Italian police described it in a manner typically continental".

Fable, Fabrication, Fiction : جعلسازی : a deliberately false or improbable account. "Fabrication in laws".

Memoir : سوانح : an account of the author's personal experiences.

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