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Pedestrian way. A pedestrian movie plot.

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1 of 2. پیدل چلنے والا Pedal Chalnay Wala بیادہ Bayada : Footer Walker Pedestrian : (noun) a person who travels by foot.

Pedestrian way.

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2 of 2. بوجھل Bojhal غیر دلچسپ Ghair Dilchasp بے لطف Be Lutf : Earthbound Prosaic Prosy Pedestrian : lacking wit or imagination.

A pedestrian movie plot.

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Useful Words

Foot Human Foot Pes : پاوں Paaon : the part of the leg of a human being below the ankle joint. "Sorry my foot"

Imagination Imaginativeness Vision : تصوریت Tasawwuriat : the formation of a mental image of something that is not perceived as real and is not present to the senses. "Popular imagination created a world of demons"

Deficient Lacking Wanting : کم Kam : inadequate in amount or degree. "A deficient education"

Individual Mortal Person Somebody Someone Soul : شخص Shakhs : a human being. "The person who I told you about"

Go Locomote Move Travel : سفر کرنا Safar Karna : change location; move, travel, or proceed, also metaphorically. "How fast does your new car go ?"

Humor Humour Wit Witticism Wittiness : مذاق Mazaq : a message whose ingenuity or verbal skill or incongruity has the power to evoke laughter.

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