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پیچھے چلنا : Peechay Chalna Meaning in English

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1) پیچھے چلنا : Follow Travel Along : (verb) travel along a certain course.

Related : Travel : change location; move, travel, or proceed, also metaphorically.

Useful Words

مان کر چلنا : Follow : to travel behind, go after, come after. "The ducklings followed their mother around the pond".

کسی نتیجے پر پہنچا کر دم لینا : Carry Out, Follow Out, Follow Through, Follow Up, Go Through, Implement, Put Through : pursue to a conclusion or bring to a successful issue. "Did he go through with the treatment?".

دوسرے کی نقل کرنا : Follow Suit : do what someone else is doing.

عمل کرنا : Act On, Follow Up On, Pursue : carry further or advance. "Can you act on this matter soon?".

معائنہ : Follow-Up, Followup, Reexamination, Review : a subsequent examination of a patient for the purpose of monitoring earlier treatment.

عمل پیرا : Adhere : follow through or carry out a plan without deviation. "They adhered to their plan".

تذبذب میں : Ambivalent : uncertain or unable to decide about what course to follow. "He was in ambivalent condition".

ایک کے بعد دوبارہ پی جانے والی شراب : Chaser : a drink to follow immediately after another drink.

منطقی انجام : Conclusion, Ratiocination : the proposition arrived at by logical reasoning (such as the proposition that must follow from the major and minor premises of a syllogism).

منحصر : Contingent, Contingent On, Contingent Upon, Dependant On, Dependant Upon, Dependent On, Dependent Upon, Depending On : determined by conditions or circumstances that follow. "Arms sales contingent on the approval of congress".

شکاری : Courser : a huntsman who hunts small animals with fast dogs that use sight rather than scent to follow their prey. "Courser bee honey".

نافرمانی کرنا : Disobey : refuse to go along with; refuse to follow; be disobedient. "He disobeyed his supervisor and was fired".

جانا : Go, Proceed : follow a certain course. "Let it go".

پیچھا کرنا : Haunt, Stalk : follow stealthily or recur constantly and spontaneously to. "Her ex-boyfriend stalked her".

نتیجہ نکلنا : Result : come about or follow as a consequence. "Nothing will result from this meeting".

باری باری گانا : Round, Troll : a partsong in which voices follow each other; one voice starts and others join in one after another until all are singing different parts of the song at the same time. "They enjoyed singing rounds".

تسلسل : Sequence : serial arrangement in which things follow in logical order or a recurrent pattern. "The content of the program should follow a logical sequence".

جاسوس : Shadow, Shadower, Tail : a spy employed to follow someone and report their movements.

چکر لگانا : Circle : travel around something. "Circle the globe".

ساتھ جانا : Accompany : go or travel along with. "Accompany with old man".

چڑھنا : Ascend, Go Up : travel up. "We ascended the mountain".

جگہ جگہ سفر کرنا : Peregrinate : travel around, through, or over, especially on foot. "Peregrinate the bridge".

سفر کرنا : Cover, Cross, Cut Across, Cut Through, Get Across, Get Over, Pass Over, Track, Traverse : travel across or pass over. "The caravan covered almost 100 miles each day".

سفری : Commutation, Commuting : the travel of a commuter.

کم رفتار میں سفر کرنا : Taxi : travel slowly. "The plane taxied down the runway".

چھوٹی کشتی سے سفر کرنا : Canoe : travel by canoe. "Canoe along the canal".

ہوائی سفر کرنا : Air, Air Travel, Aviation : travel via aircraft. "Women should avoid air travel in pregnancy".

بحری جہاز پر سفر کرنا : Ship : travel by ship.

ہوا میں اڑنا : Fly, Wing : travel through the air; be airborne. "Man cannot fly".

بحری سفر کرنا : Seafaring, Water Travel : travel by water.

ہوائی سفر کرنا : Fly : travel in an airplane. "She is flying to Cincinnati tonight".

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