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پیٹ کا درد : Peeth Ka Dard Meaning in English


Peeth Ka Dard in Detail

1) پیٹ کا درد : Bellyache Gastralgia Stomach Ache Stomachache : (noun) an ache localized in the stomach or abdominal region.

Useful Words

پاکستان اور افغانستان میں بولی جانے والی زبان : Dard , شکایت کرنا : Beef , درد : Ache , سر درد : Cephalalgia , پیٹ کے پٹھے : Ab , شکم : Abdomen , پیٹ کا پٹھہ : Abdominal Wall , پیٹ سے سانس لینا : Abdominal Breathing , پیٹ میں ٹھہرنے والا حمل : Abdominal Pregnancy , پیٹ کی رگ : Abdominal Aorta , پیٹ کی بیماری : Abdominal Actinomycosis , سہنا : Abide , پیٹ کی رگ کا پھیلاو : Aaa , پیٹ کی رگوں کا گچھا : Abdominal Nerve Plexus , بدہضمی : Dyspepsia , معدہ چہارم : Abomasum , کھایا جانے والا جانوروں کا لبلبہ : Stomach Sweetbread , جی متلانا : Nauseate , پیٹ کا پٹھہ : Abdominal External Oblique Muscle , علاقہ : Part , برقی لہروں کا علاقہ : E Layer , علاقہ : Region , دوزخ : Hell , نامعلوم : Terra Incognita , عالم برزخ : Hades

Useful Words Definitions

Dard: any of a group of Indic languages spoken in Kashmir and eastern Afghanistan and northern Pakistan.

Beef: complain.

Ache: a dull persistent (usually moderately intense) pain.

Cephalalgia: pain in the head caused by dilation of cerebral arteries or muscle contractions or a reaction to drugs.

Ab: the muscles of the abdomen.

Abdomen: the cavity containing the major viscera; in mammals it is separated from the thorax by the diaphragm.

Abdominal Wall: a wall of the abdomen.

Abdominal Breathing: breathing in which most of the respiratory effort is done by the abdominal muscles.

Abdominal Pregnancy: ectopic pregnancy in the abdominal cavity.

Abdominal Aorta: a branch of the descending aorta.

Abdominal Actinomycosis: a serious form of actinomycosis that affects the abdomen.

Abide: put up with something or somebody unpleasant.

Aaa: an aneurysm of the abdominal aorta associated with old age and hypertension.

Abdominal Nerve Plexus: a large plexus of sympathetic nerves in the abdomen behind the stomach.

Dyspepsia: a disorder of digestive function characterized by discomfort or heartburn or nausea.

Abomasum: the fourth compartment of the stomach of a ruminant; the one where digestion takes place.

Stomach Sweetbread: edible pancreas of an animal.

Nauseate: upset and make nauseated.

Abdominal External Oblique Muscle: a diagonally arranged abdominal muscle on either side of the torso.

Part: the extended spatial location of something.

E Layer: a region of the ionosphere (from 50 to 90 miles up) that reflects radio waves of medium length.

Region: a large indefinite location on the surface of the Earth.

Hell: (Christianity) the abode of Satan and the forces of evil; where sinners suffer eternal punishment.

Terra Incognita: an unknown and unexplored region.

Hades: (religion) the world of the dead.

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