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پیٹ کے پٹھے : Peeth Kay Pathay Meaning in English

Peeth Kay Pathay in Sentences

Artium baccalaurens also called Ba.
Abdominal pain.

Peeth Kay Pathay in Detail

1) پیٹ کے پٹھے : Ab Abdominal Abdominal Muscle : (noun) the muscles of the abdomen.


Useful Words

پیٹ سے سانس لینا : Abdominal Breathing , کمر کے عضلے کے متعلق : Psoas , ایک قسم کا جسم کا معائنہ کرنے کا آلہ : Laparoscope , جسم کی ایک جانب فالج ہونا : Hemiplegia , پیٹ کا پٹھہ : Abdominal Wall , توند : Belly , پیٹ کا : Abdominal , شکمی : Celiac , پیٹ اور مثانے سے متعلق : Abdominovesical , پیٹ کی بیماری : Abdominal Actinomycosis , الٹی : Disgorgement , سور کی چربی : Leaf Fat , پیٹ کی رگوں کا گچھا : Abdominal Nerve Plexus , بافتوں کا مجموعہ : Adhesion , سینہ : Thorax , آنتوں کا درد : Colic , پیٹ کی رگ کا پھیلاو : Aaa , پیڑو کی رگ : Common Iliac Artery , پیٹ میں ٹھہرنے والا حمل : Abdominal Pregnancy , پیٹ صحیح کروانے کا آپریشن : Abdominoplasty , پیٹ کا درد : Bellyache , انتڑیاں : Entrails , لبلبہ کی سوزش : Pancreatitis , مشرق وسطی میں ہونے والا ایک قسم کا رقص : Belly Dance , پیٹ کا پٹھہ : Abdominal External Oblique Muscle , پھیپھڑوں کی بیماری : Mesothelioma , جگنو : Firefly , پوفائرن میٹابولزم میں پیدائشی غلطی جس سے عصبی اور عضلاتی نسیج میں تبدیلیاں ہوتی ہیں : Porphyria , تناو سے پیٹ خراب ہونا : Irritable Bowel Syndrome , پھیپھڑوں اور معدے سے متعلق : Nervus Vagus , چھوٹی آنت : Mesentery

Useful Words Definitions

Abdominal Breathing: breathing in which most of the respiratory effort is done by the abdominal muscles.

Psoas: either of two muscles of the abdomen and pelvis that flex the trunk and rotate the thigh.

Laparoscope: a slender endoscope inserted through an incision in the abdominal wall in order to examine the abdominal organs or to perform minor surgery.

Hemiplegia: paralysis of one side of the body

Hemiplegia symptoms : Difficulty in speaking, impaired motor skills, difficulty in holding, muscles stiffness on one side of the body, difficulty in balance while walking, permanently contracted muscles.

Abdominal Wall: a wall of the abdomen.

Belly: a protruding abdomen.

Abdominal: of or relating to or near the abdomen.

Celiac: of or in or belonging to the cavity of the abdomen.

Abdominovesical: of or relating to the abdomen and the urinary bladder.

Abdominal Actinomycosis: a serious form of actinomycosis that affects the abdomen.

Disgorgement: the reflex act of ejecting the contents of the abdomen through the mouth.

Leaf Fat: fat lining the abdomen and kidneys in hogs which is used to make lard.

Abdominal Nerve Plexus: a large plexus of sympathetic nerves in the abdomen behind the stomach.

Adhesion: abnormal union of bodily tissues; most common in the abdomen.

Thorax: the middle region of the body of an arthropod between the head and the abdomen.

Colic: acute abdominal pain (especially in infants).

Aaa: an aneurysm of the abdominal aorta associated with old age and hypertension.

Common Iliac Artery: terminal branches of the abdominal aorta.

Abdominal Pregnancy: ectopic pregnancy in the abdominal cavity.

Abdominoplasty: cosmetic surgery of the abdomen to remove wrinkles and tighten the skin over the stomach.

Bellyache: an ache localized in the stomach or abdominal region.

Entrails: internal organs collectively (especially those in the abdominal cavity).

Pancreatitis: inflammation of the pancreas; usually marked by abdominal pain.

Belly Dance: a Middle Eastern dance in which the dancer makes sensuous movements of the hips and abdomen.

Abdominal External Oblique Muscle: a diagonally arranged abdominal muscle on either side of the torso.

Mesothelioma: a form of carcinoma of the mesothelium lining lungs or abdomen or heart; usually associated with exposure to asbestos dust.

Firefly: nocturnal beetle common in warm regions having luminescent abdominal organs.

Porphyria: a genetic abnormality of metabolism causing abdominal pains and mental confusion.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: recurrent abdominal pain and diarrhea (often alternating with periods of constipation); often associated with emotional stress.

Nervus Vagus: a mixed nerve that supplies the pharynx and larynx and lungs and heart and esophagus and stomach and most of the abdominal viscera.

Mesentery: a double layer of peritoneum that attaches to the back wall of the abdominal cavity and supports the small intestines.

Related Words

پیٹ : Abdomen

Close Words

پیٹ بھرا ہونا : Stuffed , پیٹ میں چھورا گھونپنے کا عمل : Stab In The Back , پیٹ بھرا : Full , پیٹ کے کیڑوں کو خارج کرنے والی دوا : Anthelminthic , پیٹ کے کیڑے کی بیماری : Hookworm , پیٹ کی نسیں : Gastroepiploic Vein , پیٹھا : Cucumis Melo Inodorus , پیٹ کا پردہ : Omentum , پیٹ کے کیڑا : Hookworm , پیٹ کے اوپر کا ہرنیا : Diaphragmatic Hernia , پیٹ کے کیڑے : Intestinal Worms

Close Words Definitions

Stuffed: crammed with food.

Stab In The Back: someone who trusts on you and you do something harmful for him or her.

Full: filled to satisfaction with food or drink.

Anthelminthic: a medication capable of causing the evacuation of parasitic intestinal worms.

Hookworm: infestation of the intestines by hookworms which enter the body (usually) through the skin.

Gastroepiploic Vein: one of two veins serving the great curvature of the stomach.

Cucumis Melo Inodorus: any of a variety of muskmelon vines having fruit with a smooth white rind and white or greenish flesh that does not have a musky smell.

Omentum: a fold of peritoneum supporting the viscera.

Hookworm: parasitic bloodsucking roundworms having hooked mouth parts to fasten to the intestinal wall of human and other hosts.

Diaphragmatic Hernia: hernia resulting from the protrusion of part of the stomach through the diaphragm.

Intestinal Worms: Intestinal parasites are worms that populate the gastro-intestinal tract in humans and other animals..

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